USA: Camp KOHOE 2017 Inspires Young Unificationists

Prepared by FFWPU USA

From July 7 to 13, 2017, Unificationist-born youth from all around the nation enjoyed the beauty of God’s creation while learning from His words at Camp KOHOE from in Benton Harbor, Michigan. In the following story, Yoshika Iwamoto, who was part of the staff for the workshop, details and reflects on her experience.

As staff at Camp KOHOE [Kingdom of Heaven on Earth], we focused on the idea of identity and educating the high school participants about the movement.

For the first few days, we focused on ice-breakers and had an outing to Muskegon State Park. The participants spent the day there at the beach. Afterward, the campers were given a chance to have one-on-one conversations by the campfire.

We also had a brother/sister night. We followed the format that was presented through a web conference. The brothers ended their night with an activity in which they carried each other on their backs. The sisters ended their night showing their appreciation for each other. We received good feedback from both groups.

One highlight for most people was the “Tunnel of Victory” activity. It was the first time we did a physically/emotionally/spiritually intense activity, and the kids had a really good experience. We heard many testimonies, and for most people, it ended up becoming a heartfelt moment. As the kids were saying their fears and going through the tunnel, everybody cheered for them. By the end, there was a strong feeling of unity.

Young Unificationists practice dancing for True Mother’s message at Madison Square Garden

We ended the workshop with deep testimonies. Most kids spoke about their realizations and opened up about tough moments in their lives. For the staff, too, the testimonies were really touching and inspiring to hear.

I think it’s worth mentioning that participating in the dance for True Mother at the Madison Square Garden rally of July 15 really brought us together. A lot of our free time was taken up by dance practice, but those moments provided opportunities to bond with each other.

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