Dominican Republic: 21-day TIMD & Divine Principle Workshop


By Jake Laviña, FFWPU Dominican Republic

Last July 3- July 24, 2017 CARP in Dominican Republic conducted the 1st 21day Tong IL Moo Do workshop led by Jake Lavina (True Mother’s Youth Especial Envoy) at the Head Quarter of Sto. Domingo, Dominican Republic with the theme; “Raising young leaders through Martial Arts, Advancing Bravely forward with discipline”. The purpose of this program is to witness young leaders, teach them the Divine Principle and raise them with discipline through Martial Art. The program was promoted to the different churches and cities before it started. As a result, 23 participants coming from different churches (Haiti churches in Dominican Republic), young leaders from different organizations and some fulltime members of CARP were participated in this very important event.

The program was started with the opening ceremony with the participation of all the Participants of this workshop together with their parents and some blessed central Families. Rev. Dae Hee Hong (Special Envoy of Dominican Republic) and Rev. Leonidas Belliard (National Leader of Dominican Republic) gave powerful speeches to all the participants, encouraging them to give their best during the 21-day training program followed by the explanation about the Tong Il Moo Do given by Jake Lavina (youth special envoy of Dominican Republic and international Instructor of Tong Il Moo Do).

Everyday they wake up at 5am and start their day with God and True Parents through the Hoon Duk Hae, followed by feeling the beauty of nature by cleaning the surroundings. They also learned how to cook, arrange their things and observe their attitude as part of discipline. In order for them to understand the Tong Il Moo Do, they always have Divine Principle lecture first before starting the training. This workshop helped the participants to know the value not just of Martial Arts but the value of human beings through the Divine Principle. After the workshop, all the participants are determined to continue their martial art training and become an instructor who can educate young people centering on Divine Principle.

This program would be one of the ways to witness, disciple, educate and raise young people centering on principle through Martial Arts in order to bring more victory to God and True Parents before 2020.

20 participants successfully finished the 21day Tong Il Moo Do workshop receiving their belt and certificates during the graduation ceremony with a better understanding about Divine Principle, learning the techniques and form of Tong Il Moo Do with discipline. The parents of the participants are also happy to see the development of their children internally and externally. This workshop would be one of the keys to educate young people centering on Principle to advance the providence of this nation and give more victory to God and True Parents Before 2020.

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  1. colin peter paul cairns says:

    Welldone Jake,we still remember you Ronnie and Almer as missionaries to New Zealand..

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