Thailand: Hyo Jeong Leader School Lecturer Workshop


Prepared by FFWPU Thailand

FFWPU Thailand organized Hyo Jeong Leader School lecturer workshop lead by Prof. Gil Young Hwan, Prof. and researcher of Heavenly Tribal Messiah Leader School for Asia on August 23, 2017. This is in order to educate, train and raise up the current HTM and CARP Leaders to be able to understand and raising leaders who can convey the teaching for establish Home Group and FFWPU community that can generate a lot of leaders, regular members and associate members, especially, to raising new HTM leaders and new CARP leaders.  Then, we can multiply blessed family communities and expand FFWPU center and CARP center in 77 provinces nationwide and can be able to take care hundred thousand members with in 2020.

As the flames of the providence are taking over the world, Thailand took the opportunity to cultivate the members that designed to be effective lecturers in their areas. Lecturers who can settle the Leader School Education while the Home Group is continuously expanding in their areas. Knowing that Home Group system is a tool that can use as aid for the continuous growth of our blessed family community, in terms of creating relationship, connect vertically with HP, multiply and monitoring the members, Thailand leaders strongly support the idea of strengthening the Home Group System through Leader School Education and various activities or workshops.

The HTM providence in Thailand now is focusing on raising communities of faith that can raise up and take care thousands of regular members who practice blessed family tradition, attend worship service and do tithing donation regularly within next Gi Won Jeol.  We have more than 35,000 blessed family members who completed 3 days ceremony and almost 100,000 people attended blessing ceremony in last 4 years.  Until now government, community leaders and religious leaders feel positive and want to work cooperatively with FFWPU, UPF and YSP Thailand to promote Blessing, HTM and Pure Love movement because they realize that FFWPU, UPF and YSP can solve the problems that they cannot.  So, the key focus now is how can we raise new HTM leaders who can lead Hoon Dok Hae, Blessed Family Meeting, collect tithing donation and manage Blessed Family Communities successfully to continue to grow and expand.  Then, we can raise up and take care millions of regular members by year 2020.

The great blessing have come to Thailand and Asia, Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Supreme Chairman of Asia Pacific region had invited Prof.Gil Young Hwan to come to work in Asia in order to educate HTM Leader School and Hyo Jeong Coaching system to Thai and Asian leaders since last year for the goal to raise leaders for Home Group and HTM movement successfully.

From the 14th of August until the 16th day, year 2017, a Hyo Jeong Leader School Lecturer Workshop was conducted at National Headquarter, Bangkok, Thailand. 49 leaders from HTM movement and CARP center leaders gathered together and participated within three consecutive days. Some of the participants were CARP leaders and HTM leaders. Rev. Kamol Thananopavarn, National Leader of FFWPU Thailand gave opening remark.  He emphasized on how important of Home Group, 3 position foundation (trinity), 4 cycle toward the successful of restoration of CIG through HTM and Student Witnessing movement.

The workshop was composed of series of lectures, group discussions, presentations and Lecture Training. Professor Young Hwan Gil, Regional Adviser on Education of Asia and the presider of the workshop, emphasized through his lectures the importance of Home Group as well as the “writing of mission statement” to reflect about the spiritual motivation of a group or an individual.  He also asked each group to make an education plan, using the Leader School Education Process, which will last until the end of this year. The education plan is subject to discussion and will monitor monthly by Professor Gil himself.

Lectures from Prof.Gil :

  • Introduction: HTM Leader School
  • Understand Home Group
  • Home Group Vision and Mission
  • Starting Home Group
  • Blueprint of Home Group
  • Home Group Mission Statement
  • Understanding of the Hoon Dok Jeong Seong Purification
  • Trinity Team Action Plans
  • Developing Relationship: Knowing Yourself and the Others

Within 3 days of learning, discussing, and analyzing things in connection with the Home Group System, how to be successful HTM leaders and CARP center leaders; it seems that the workshop period was not enough to accumulate all the important information in order to succeed on this aspect. As what some of the participants said “This will take time!”, indeed, it will take time to acquire and apply the required knowledge but one thing for sure that Thailand is taking another step of its progress toward meeting the goal of “Vision 2020” as one of the Special Strategic Nation chosen by True Mother.  Bringing the flame deep within the Nation.

Prof. Gil invested his whole heart and energy even to risk his life for Thailand HTM and CARP leader to understand how to establish Home Group, 3 position foundation, 4 cycle in order to raising leaders, regular members and FFWPU communities.  Thai families feel grateful so much for Prof.Gil’s love and investment and his determination to make Thailand become successful as special strategic nation chosen by True Parents.

Until HTM movement in Thailand select 15 HTM area to focus to raise up 430 families to become regular members.  The leaders who were educated through this workshop will invest in this 15 area to make pilot HTM communities through Home Group system and raising government leaders and community leaders to become new HTM to take care and raise up regular members who have heartistic relationship and faith in True Parents.

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