France: Sunday Service and Farewell Party for Dr. Pak and Dr. Moon


By Jean Francois Moulinet, FFWPU France

Our Sunday service on the 30th of July was quite special as it was also the occasion for us to express our appreciation of and farewells to Rev. No Hi Pak and Dr. Lan Young Moon, our Special Emissaries representing our True Parents. As Paris has been their home base during the past 18 months, we have had the privilege of getting to know them very well and are sorry to see them go.

The service began with the song “Ce jour là” (When that day comes), a song written in the early days of the French movement. This song was chosen because the first time she heard it, Dr. Moon enjoyed it so much that she asked us to sing it again and again.

Our National Leader, Mr. Jean-François Moulinet, gave a short talk on True Mother’s speech at Madison Square Garden, telling us that if she came to France she would give the same basic message. He encouraged everyone to read the speech and think deeply about it, even passing out copies translated into French.

He chose not to speak too long so that we could hear from Rev. Pak and Dr. Moon. Rev. Pak spoke of his three years in Europe and how much appreciated having this experience. He also encouraged us to create a stronger foundation of 1st and 2nd gen working together to advance the providence in our nation.

Dr. Moon then spoke but not for very long, as she was feeling very emotional. But she did not to speak, we could feel her heart.

We then offered a beautiful hand-made card, signed by the members who were present for the service, and a digital picture frame downloaded with many photos of their travels and activities throughout France.

After the service, a curry rice was served to everyone and members could take a last photo with Rev. Pak and Dr. Moon and wish them well in their new mission.

In the past 18 months, we have come to feel that we received such a blessing to have Rev. Pak and Dr. Moon based in France. It is unfortunately rare in our movement to see an elder couple working together and having this couple with us in France enabled us to feel that our True Parents were very well represented.

While we are sorry to see them go, we know they have so much to offer and that whatever they are asked to do by True Parents, they will invest their hearts and souls to represent our True Parents as well as possible.

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