South Africa: Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival


Prepared by UPF South Africa

On the 12th of August 2017 in the Centurion suburb of Johannesburg, we hold an interfaith peace blessing festival for 10 couples from the Sufficient Church, led by Bishop Mbele.

Bishop Mbele who is a member of the executive committee of UPF requested that 10 elder couples of his denomination receive the Blessing after he and his wife went through the ceremony last month, July 2017.

Other observing Bishops also attended the ceremony and already there have been a number of phone calls for future Blessings to take place in their Churches.

The day began with lectures about the 5 steps of the Blessing given by Bishop Mbele, Professor Maseko – UPF secretary general of South Africa and Reverend Williamson the Special Envoy. All activities of the day were overseen by the National Leader couple of South Africa-Reverend & Mrs Leballo and the Blessing department leaders -Reverend & Mrs Meth. Catering was organized by Mrs. Maseko the President of the WFWP of South Africa.

We will continue with the education programs as the 40-day condition. This Blessing ceremony is causing a very strong interest among various Bishops in South Africa in regards to the understanding of change of blood lineage and the benefits of strengthen marriages.

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