International President Holds Special Meeting for Japanese Members in Korea

By Julian Gray, FFWPU International Headquarters

Saturday, August 26


Family Federation International President Sun Jin Moon spoke today, Saturday August 26, to some one thousand Japanese members at Cheon Bok Gung main church in Seoul.

A wonderful musical offering by Japanese sisters playing mandolins, flutes and piano opened the event with beauty and dignity.  All the Japanese members then sang two beautiful native folk songs and the auditorium was filled with the spirit of joyful expectation.

Following an opening prayer (offered in Korean) and recitation of Pledge number 8, Sun Jin Nim and In Sup Nim entered from the back of the stage to a very enthusiastic and affectionate welcome.

Sun Jin Nim began the session with a few words of her own before reading at length from True Father’s autobiography. She praised the Japanese members for their courage in living in Korea and their missionary association for their work to establish a multicultural base in Korea that has made a significant impact in local society. At the same time, Sun Jin Nim recognized the sacrifices and challenges the Japanese members have endured to live in Korea in “multi-cultural families,” not only in relation to raising their families but also working to support the church mission. “How can we bring the love and example of True Parents into our families?” she asked.

Sun Jin Nim then gave a beautiful hoondok reading from True Father’s autobiography, the chapter “An Incomparable Inner Beauty,” in which Father talks about Mother and the course she has walked. Father testifies that even though for Mother it was difficult to give birth to and raise 14 children, she had embraced the children with so much love. He acknowledged that Mother had often been alone when giving birth due to Father’s absence. The chapter also dealt with the challenges that their children faced growing up with True Parents so committed to the public mission, and about Heung-jin nim’s accidental death and how Heung-jin nim had protected the lives of his friends traveling in the car with him. Father spoke of how he and Mother could shed no tears due to the providential nature of their mission. Father mentioned how Mother counsels parents whose children have gone another way to be patient, and to embrace them no matter what, as children will always return to the love of their parents. Father spoke about how Mother never gave him cause to raise his voice, and that now in his old age [the autobiography was published in 2009] his wife is more precious to him than ever.

Sun Jin Nim asked the audience members to imagine that Father was saying these words to each person there, and said, “We can take Father and Mother’s example of true love and bring that into our families. Let’s grow this blessing, light and love in our own families.”

Over the ensuing hour or more, Sun Jin Nim answered, a number of poignant questions Japanese members had submitted on a wide range of issues. Following is a synopsis from notes:

Question: What kind of report would Mother be happy to receive?

Sun Jin Nim: Mother is talking about bringing 7.4 billion people back under Heavenly Parent’s embrace, about national restoration and building Cheon Il Guk. Her vision is beyond the scope of most of our thinking. How can we save the world? So the precious report is one that tells her “Mother, we are getting closer to One Family under God.”

Question: Some True Children have issues and this leads people to say Mother did not raise them well. Then why does Mother not respond publicly?

Sun Jin Nim: True Parents’ children often did not see True Parents for long periods of time. Many of you, also, find that you struggle to give enough to your children and spouse. Yet it is only true love, unconditional true love that will allow us to restore the whole world, bring back everything Satan took. Family is forever, and the world is our family, so we must restore bring back every child to True Parents. So why does Mother not criticize? Because restoration is through natural subjugation through true love rather than by criticizing or attacking back.
Living for the sake of others, even loving your enemy, is the only solution to restoring mankind back to God. In our lives, we must educate in our witnessing, in our own home. The question is always how to gain more love, to love more. Then if your husband or children do not have faith, you can give them the power of love, and their conscience will speak to them.

After each question Sun Jin Nim asked the person who asked the question if her answer was sufficient. It was touching to see her humility in front of the members.

Question: What does True Mother need from the Japanese missionaries in Korea in the context of God’s providence?

Sun Jin Nim: Thank you for your question. What do you think Mother wants from the missionaries?

After a hesitance among the crowd, Sun Jin Nim said, There is no wrong answer here! We share our hearts. This is how we learn and grow. I know people may be shy! But here we are all one family. No one here is perfect yet, only True Parents. I’m not perfect! When we are not afraid to share our hearts then we come together and grow together. We are all going through the same things. We understand Mother’s course raising a family because we are all trying to raise a family. The reason we understand Principle is because we all share in God’s heart!

So there is no judgment here.

One member gave an answer (difficult to hear.)

Sun Jin Nim: Japanese members are all Mother Nation—to indemnify Eve and all of history. Such a burden. Japan has a history that may cause difficulties between Japan and Korea. But the Japanese members have been carrying the torch. Everywhere in the world there are Japanese missionaries, in all corners of the world – wherever I have been. This is a testimony to the Mother nation. The mother’s side. You are the completion of the history of creating the unity of man and woman without sin.

Be proud to stand as filial sons and daughters. Be proud, continue and pass it on to the next generation! You are super heroes. Preserve your stories, be proud of your stories, teach them to your children. Mother recognizes you as filial sons and daughters. Let Heavenly Parent guide you.

We have a tremendous support here, one interconnected family. Our movement is very grateful for you.

Question: What is the one things that takes most of your attention when you attend Mother?

Sun Jin Nim: It is being in the presence of the most pure, loving and compassionate being in the world—so untainted by everything, so strongly connected with Heavenly Parent’s life. Mother notices your demeanor, and your heart. Sincerity is the key. Even without looking at you, Mother relates with this. Mother is inspired by sincere gestures of love for humankind.

We have True Parents as the perfect model, the representative of Heavenly Parent; so when we don’t engraft to them, we don’t grow a straight and tall. Please have a filial heart. You have word the word hyojeong – look at how True Parents have attended Heavenly Parent.

Everyone needs the response of love. Even Mother. When Mother is tired we give her a massage. Take action to serve each person, whether your spiritual child, or family member: they will be attracted to you.

Question: What is your happiest memory of True Mother? What do you most respect about True Mother? How is True Mother’s health? How do you empower yourself when you face challenges?

Sun Jin Nim: My happiest memories with True Mother came later in my life – we did not understand True Parents so well when we were young.

We went with True Parents to Hawaii. There, they become like natives of the island, relaxed like the island people. I felt such a sense of family.

True Mother’ health had been difficult; she was always attending Father with little sleep or chance for exercise and meals taken in a rush. Mother’s health became an issue after Father ascended. Mother wants to complete Father’s mission. But national restoration was not yet accomplished when Father ascended. Mother said, “I must carry on this work so that my sons and daughters don’t have to do it instead. So I must be healthy and strong. Then I can bequeath all the victory to my children.

Mother did the Bounce song exercise. She would go out at 5:00 am to walk, and she would greet Father with the rising of the sun. Mother became happier and healthier. When we family members walked with her we moved together toward a better “us.”

When you exercise, when you attend Heavenly Parent with mind, body and soul, then your spirit changes, your character changes…. That is when miracles start happening.

What do I respect most? I am alive because of True Parents. If they had not achieved the Holy Blessing, I would not have been born. So I am most respectful to them that I can have life. Whether we are born of True Mother’s womb or through their life of sacrifice and victory, as blessed central families. We are all born from True Parents.

Question: How has your heart changed toward True Parents since you became the International President?

Sun Jin Nim: True Parents are always my natural parents. Seeing them as the True Parents of humankind was not automatic. We did not experience them so much as Appa and Omma. I grew up in the US, raised mainly by Japanese missionaries. I am amazed how they took on the task of raising us.

True Parents had to love and subjugate Cain. And we had some resentment: we wanted our mum and dad.

Yet Mother has buried 4 children and then, five years ago, her husband (True Father). How do we overcome our pain?  When we really follow True Parents’ life, watch their suffering and appreciate how theirs was not an easy course.

Until I became International President – that was when Mother asked me to take care of our worldwide members – I had no experience doing such a mission. Moher said, “You need to help me.” This is when I began to travel and see members. Going on a tour with Mother you see how much sacrifice is needed. Only someone connected to God can do this, I realize.

Every day, I try to understand better.

As tribal messiahs, you are walking in True Father and Mother’s footsteps. Know you are walking True Parents’ course through this and that you are bringing joy to Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

Mother talks about a culture of heart. Once you put yourself in the shoes of True Parents, you experience empathy and compassion. Once you can do that, walking their path and inheriting their love, you stop judging, stop hating, thinking in a selfish way. Once you start perfecting the way, of walking True Parents’ path, all these difficulties start to fall away; this is what I have witnessed.

So many questions, and they take longer to answer than I thought! I am so sorry.

Question: What language do you speak with True Mother?

Sun Jin Nim: A little English and a little Korean. True Mother understands – she knows English and Japanese. She has an amazing capacity to understand despite my language limitations.

Question: What were some of your study methods when you were a student?

Sun Jin Nim: We were always pushed to study – told that we had be the best, go the most respected schools, be the best. Actually it was an unhappy time. We studied so much, we were so stressed out in our effort to be the best: “We cannot let down True Parents, we cannot be a failure.” That was how we approached school. Because of that standard I set for myself, I did get A’s. But that is not the most important area of study: Instead of being pushed to be the best at school, I wished someone had tried to teach me to be the best person inside, because that is what the world needs to cultivate the most.

Question: When did you become interested in Yoga?

Sun Jin Nim: It was after True Father’s ascension. Mother was coming to Hawaii, and I had 2 weeks to prepare. I felt difficult over losing Father and yet I had to support Mother and go to meet members. I did not know how I was going to do that. I could not even comfort my own heart. It was a difficult time. But Mother said she believed in me.

God answers your prayers. When you pray and go beyond the physical self, God answers you. That night I cried and prayed. Then the next morning, a message about training to become a Yoga teacher came to my email. It required an investment of 200 hours over 2 weeks. That was just the amount of time that remained before Mother would come.

Something told me inside, you need to do this. So I enrolled. It was intense – waking up at 5:00 am, through to the evening. I learned about mind-body unity. As you know, our mind and body fights. We have to subjugate the body so it has no voice. But you are always battling. I learned that mind-body unity is ultimately where you no longer fight. Yoga is where you find peace, where you reconcile all things with light and goodness in your heart. I found the place where I could find peace and anchor myself. I do it every day, every morning, whenever there is negativity, whenever the “archangel” comes.

Sun jin nim took a few more questions. Regarding raising blessed children she suggested that as they are pure water it is important to teach them centered on love, not with the idea that they must fight against Satan, or that Satan is waiting to attack them. Mother says that two things are important to teach the blessed children:

First is love: Teach them to have love for all humankind.

Second is to be grateful: When you are grateful you find that God is blessing you every day.

Yoga helped me connect with a higher spirit world. These are the principles I learned:

  1. Love every living thing in Creation
  2. Don’t take more than you need.
  3. Truth – tell the truth, being respectful.
    Don’t use words to put people down or to gossip.
  4. Live in moderation; transcend our basic needs.
  5. Contentment; unless you know gratitude you cannot be content. Just be happy to be alive, life is a gift from God. “Thank you for the air, the food etc.”
  6. Purity – in thoughts, meditation, cleanliness in your house, surroundings, your body.
  7. Right effort: practice makes perfect. Must practice and grow our abilities. Every day diligent effort.
  8. Study Holy texts – we have access to the words. If we don’t bring them into our lives they won’t work for us. We must invite the Word and truth into our life. Only way we change is to do the practice and follow the right example.
  9. Surrender to God. If cannot surrender to God you are ignoring who you came from and are missing why you are here. That is our first mission.

Mother subjugated Eve’s position and brought it back to True Parents.

Please practice hoondokhae – read the words – the answers are here.

What do to for your husband and father of your children? True Parents’ advice: We witness to our own family. Be a tribal messiah to your tribe, beginning with your spouse.

Never give up on each other. Family is forever; marriage is forever; brothers and sisters are forever. We in this room today – these people are our eternity.

We can do it. True Parents did it – followed Heavenly Parent with faith, love and obedience. Each of you is a precious son or daughter God has been waiting for.

Question: What are things True Mother tells you often?
Sun Jin Nim: Be thankful. Live with love in our heart; follow your conscience.

Father is with you, your ancestors are with you; they are watching and helping you. If you have lost a family member, they are watching and working to help you.

True Mother asked In Sup Nim and me to take care of Hyo Jin Nim’s children while Yeon-ah nim was in Germany recently. We were hesitant, not having had such an experience before. But we taught them to do laundry, clean the house, cook and to love and respect nature. We did sports together. We taught them to be grateful. It was the experience of a lifetime for me!

I hope you can instill joy in your family members’ hearts – take time to interact and share happy moments with your children. Go home now and create a family of joy.

I am so grateful to be here with you today and to answer your questions.

After she had concluded her answers, Sun Jin Nim led the audience in a “Crown of Glory” meditation which was to help participants find their true heart with Heavenly Parent. She said this is “to strengthen your mind and heart to meet life’s challenges. Your love can change the world. You are not separate from others. We are one.” The meditation included a part that helped us to overcome difficult feelings toward another person and replace resentment with love. It felt as though we were given a tool for self-transformation, and thus for world-transformation.

Sun Jin Nim concluded the event by giving away gifts to 7 sisters selected by lottery – scarves that True Parents had given her personally. “Please feel that True Parents have given these to you themselves,” she said.

The applause was so joyful that one felt the Japanese sisters could experience the joy as much for others receiving these precious gifts as for themselves. It was a profoundly moving time to see Sun Jin Nim tie the scarves around each of the sisters’ necks and give each sister a deep and long hug. The love from the hugs seemed to permeate the whole auditorium. Some of the sisters cried, and some in the audience also. Overall, the bestowing of the gifts was punctuated with joyful applause. This was a visceral, tangible experience of God’s love through a True Child who put herself out there with no barriers in her heart.

The seven lucky sisters then took a photo with Sun Jin Nim and In Sup Nim on the stage. Sun Jin Nim and In Sup Nim then gifted boxes of doughnuts to representative sisters with the promise that these would be good for whoever ate them (and with the announcement that there were enough for everyone)! After a commemorative photograph with everyone together, they departed amid applause and cheers.

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    That comment was so wonderful and had movimed me so much. Before Sun Jin Moon became who she is today I had three dreams regarding all she has been doing nowadays. I know and feel very much Our True Father`s work upon her, True Mother and many others brothers and sisters in our holy church. Congradulations Sun Jin. I love you. Yours, John the Baptist from the city of Pouso Alegre-MG – Brazil.

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