Set Sail Workshop 2017


Prepared by FFWPU Germany

40 sailing friends, from 4 nations, set out on small sailing boats for one week to learn the basic principles of sailing. Immediately on arrival, participants got to know the boats, learned about sailing rules and teams for 12 boats were formed.

„How is the wind today?“ was the most important question after morning service and breakfast. Every morning, all the captains gathered to discuss the weather and it was decided where to sail and where to meet for lunch, for example on an island or a mooring at one of the many canals beautiful Friesland has to offer. In the late afternoon, the boats returned safely.

Luckily, the weather was on our side, giving us plenty of wind to really gain a broad range of sailing experiences. The combination of good weather, exciting experiences with wind and water and the family-like atmosphere generated by the mixture of 1st and 2nd generation gave the workshop a real positive atmosphere.

After a very good dinner, we had an evening program that somehow had a connection to sailing: a quiz about sailing, testimonies, a movie, a documentary about one of the most dangerous sailing races from Sydney to Hobart (1998).

There was a lot of free time in the evenings to rest, have conversations, play games, sing songs or swim or play football. This again helped to create such a great family atmosphere!

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  1. Shirley Kanno says:

    What a great Initiative! I hope that this can go on for many years!

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