Portugal: Harp Summer Camp


Prepared by FFWPU Portugal

Our summer camp workshop for this year 2017 was held from July 29 to August 3 with the theme “Being a DIAMOND for God”. We had 28 participants.

Our HARP students as diamonds wanted to explore the pure, indestructible, precious, brilliant, strong characteristics that we received from God and through the various conferences and activities. We realized how important we are to God and how we can be diamonds that True Parents can feel proud of.

Three groups were created according to the ages: children, juniors and seniors to debate about the theme.

As usual in the summer we wanted to feel the nature and love of God reflected in creation, as such we camped in a park equipped with a swimming pool and programs of activities that we can include in ours and that strengthened the groups.

Activities such as paddy paper, teamwork, group discussion, pool and lectures from Divine Principled, Hoon dok hwe, have enriched our gathering. We all together made a meaningful time for each of participants.

In the end, everyone shared memories longing to meet again.

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