Philippines: Pure Love and Blessing Workshop for Second Generations


By Chooli Julia Nuyana, National Blessed Children Committee, FFWPU Philippines

On July 1 to 2, 2017, a total number of 52 Blessed Children participants, ages 15 years old and above from all over the Philippines gathered at the Philippines Headquarters in Quezon City, Manila for the annual 2-Day Pure Love and Blessing Workshop (PLBW) organized and hosted by the National Blessed Children Committee (NBCC) with the theme, “Preparing Oneself to be the Bride and Groom of the Great God, the Heavenly Parent,” inspired by popular romantic Korean drama, Goblin. As early as 7:30am participants who were required to sign a Pre-registration form online prior to the workshop queued up in front of the staff desk to log in their names and receive their workshop identification cards.

This is the second time that the NBCC has organized a workshop for Blessed Children about Purity and Blessing with the aim to educate them on the value of keeping their purity and to properly inform them on the process and preparation for Matching and Blessing.

The Opening Program started with an invocation led by the workshop host, Rina Kabayama; followed by the Welcome Remarks given by Chooli Julia Nuyana, NBCC Membership Department head, where she talked about the workshop’s goals and objectives, emphasizing on the right mindset and motivation participants should have in attending this year’s PLBW. “You may think that you are all gathered here today for different reasons. But what you should all keep in mind is that you are all here because Heavenly Parents wants you to be here. He is the very first one of all people, who wanted to see you here today. That is very special, so please hold on to that and attend the lectures and activities well,” she said. After which, Jae Young Manabat, NBCC Finance Department head, gave the participants a brief overview and orientation about the event.

The first lecture that day was given by FFWPU-Philippines National President and Cheon Il Guk Envoy, Rev. Julius Malicdem, entitled, “Tradition of Keeping Purity, Lineage and Resemblance.” He spoke about the importance of inheriting the tradition in order to preserve the culture and lineage, citing historical examples of the Jews who despite worldwide persecution in the past managed to preserve their tradition by passing it down from generation to generation within the family. He stressed on the importance of family education and the value of keeping God’s precious lineage as Blessed Children by inheriting the tradition of True Parents.

After a 15-minute team discussion, the second lecture of the day followed and was presented by the President of NBCC and Blessed Children-Asia, Victor Rabano, entitled, “Introduction to Pure Love, Divine Principle and Faith.” Throughout the lecture, he repeatedly asked the participants 3 basic questions: “Who is God?” “Why did God create us?” “Why wasn’t He happy?” “Now what should we do?” To which the participants respectively responded with, “God is our Parent,” “God wanted to be happy,” “Because of the Fall,” and “We should keep our purity and receive the Blessing!” Mr. Rabano said that as long the answers to these basic questions are clear and are kept in mind by the participants; they should have a clear direction in their life of Faith. Other activities during the day were fun ice-breaker game called, “Grim Reaper vs. Goblin vs. Goblin Bride,”.For this game, participants who are already divided into their respective teams competed against each other while enjoying their portrayal of the different characters. Lectures in the afternoon were, “Dating vs. Arranged Marriage” by Mr. Earl Baranda where he started his informative and eye-opening lecture off with a picture story of Korean historical heroine, Shim Chong to which all participants listened to with much interest and admiration. After which, he presented a factual comparison of dating and the Matching, stating their advantages and disadvantages. He then proceeded to tackling social issues brought about by dating in the secular world such as Free Sex, LGBT, HIV and Zoophilia (sexual intercourse between humans and animals). Lastly, he shared to the participants his Matching testimony and how he prepared for it. Throughout his lecture, he continuously emphasized the beauty of being born as a Blessed Child and how much we all have to do our parts in protecting God’s pure blood lineage through purity and the Blessing. After a quick group discussion among the participants the second lecture of the afternoon session followed and was given by NBCC Finance Department Secretary, Ms. Cho Sun Guy. Her lecture was entitled, “CIG Standard” where she presented and discussed to the participants, “5 TIPS FOR US” namely: Give and receive True Love well, Offer Jeong Seong, Live a life of reporting, Keep purity, and Become a unique person. This lecture provided the participants with a mental note on how to secure their life of faith as they prepare themselves to receive the Blessing in the era of Cheon Il Guk.

After this, the participants enjoyed a game called ‘Charades’. By drawing lots, teams picked out different ‘taboos’ for Blessed Children.

The final lecture before dinner was given by NBCC Logistics Head, Ms. Kristine Rabano where she gave an insightful and powerful lecture entitled, “Preparation: Being the Best Possible Spouse.” She began her lecture by saying the importance of knowing who Blessed Children really are, the identity and purpose.  Then she followed this with an explanation about the right mindset and motivation a Blessed Child needs to have in order to prepare for their Blessing, where she repeatedly emphasized to the participants that the preparation for the matching and Blessing begins not in the near future, but now. One of the highlights of this year’s blessing workshop was when Blessed Children who recently received the Matching and are set to be Blessed on September were asked to come up on stage to share their Matching and engagement testimonies. Those who testified were Ms. Kristine Rabano herself, her brother, Mr. Victor Rabano and one of the matched participants, Hyo Man Schmittat. This session received loud applause and cheers from the young and aspiring audience as everyone gasped and squealed for their elders who shared the juicy details of their matching process with their future spouses.

After dinner the participants received a mini-lecture from NBCC Marketing Consultant, Mr. Gem Custodio entitled, “BC Life Plan” where he shared about how Blessed Children can effectively plan for their goals and aspirations in life. He presented the SWOT Analysis and urged everyone to try it in the process to understand themselves and their priorities even more.  At the end, he encouraged the young participants to consider applying for Matching at an early age because it’s a lot easier to plan for long –term goals when done with the support of a spouse. The session that came after this lecture is another highlight of the workshop, as an activity called “Beautiful Night” took place which allowed the BCs to get to know each other in a more heartistic level.

The next day, July 2, was a bright and beautiful Sunday morning. Participants had their wake up call at 5 am and started their Hoon Dok Hae at 5:30 am. For this day, the lectures were given by the Head of the Blessed Family Department in the Philippines, Mrs. Dulce Buyayo, entitled “The Importance and Value of the Blessing” to which she presented and discussed different True Parent’s Words on the topic. Her second lecture was entitled, “Technicalities in the Matching Process,” which the participants actively and attentively listened to as she cited the proper procedure when applying for the Matching and the process to receiving the Blessing in details with respects to the BFD protocol. One of the group dynamics they did this day was a simulative panorama activity called, “What would you do?” Through a draw lot, teams picked out different situations Blessed Children usually find themselves in, in the secular world that can put their purity at risk. For ten minutes the teams had a discussion on solutions they can come up with to protect themselves in given situations and prepared a skit to present to everyone. It was an activity that filled the room with both laughter and insights, as each team presented their version of how they would solve the problem.

After all teams have performed, representative of NBCC and workshop game master, Chooli Julia Nuyana gave the participants guidance on the proper way to think and act when confronted by different situations. In this activity, three points were emphasized to the participants: to always be smarter than Satan, to always report to parents or an elder Abel, and to maintain a vertical relationship with the people around. After lunch, all participants and staff gathered in the main hall for the Graduation Ceremony. Testimonies were given by selected participants followed by the Congratulatory Remarks given by NBCC President, Mr. Victor Rabano who reminded the participants that the real battle for their purity begins once they get back to their homes and school. After this, the Awarding of Certificates and Tokens took place to all 52 attendees. The delight and excitement were visible on their faces as they received their Goblin-inspired planners and condition notebook designed by the NBCC Marketing Team. After three cheers of Eog Mansei led by Mr. Gem Custodio, a commemorative group photo was taken which marked the end of another successful and memorable Pure Love and Blessing Workshop.

As participants said their good byes to their BC friends who became like family in the 2-day workshop, a new ray of hope and determination filled their hearts as they step out to the world where the real battle begins.

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