Philippine-Czech Tribal Messiah Peace Blessing


By Martine Masner, FFWPU Czech Republic

On July 30, 2017, we held in the town of Benátky nad Jizerou (30 km outside Prague) a Peace Blessing with Philippino-Czech couples. They are friends of our blessed couple Norbert and Amy Krankilla, who themselves are a Philippino-Czech couple and have been blessed in Korea in 2014. Five couples received the Peace Blessing and were invited to continue their education in a 40-day program.

Mrs. Martine Masner, the NL of the Czech Republic, gave a presentation of the meaning of the Blessing and talked about the challenges of today’s couples to achieve an ideal family. The couples themselves came from different faiths, like born again Christian, Seven Days Adventists, Catholic and non-religious.

The whole atmosphere was very joyful and the couples expressed that this Blessing was for them a very nice experience and a way to make a new beginning in their marriage and couple life. Especially one couple expressed that for them it was a deep spiritual experience.

We see this Blessing as a beginning of a joint journey to develop a better society. So, we are planning to involve our newly blessed couples in educational and practical programs.

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