Paraguay: Workshop for Ambassadors for Peace


Prepared by UPF Paraguay

On July 22, We continued of holding the Divine Principle conferences for the Ambassadors for Peace and their families, based on the 2017 annual plan presented at the beginning of this year, also to mark “Peace Road” to continue this year in Paraguay.

The event was held in the interior of the country, in our center in the city of Cnel. Oviedo, which is 135 km from the capital Asunción.

The program included the Principle of Creation, the Fall of Man and the Principles of Restoration. Our programs always include videos related to True Parents worldwide.

We had 32 guests, included young university students from the area, as well as teachers from schools, and a dentist and Veterinary. There were also secondary school teachers, who showed great interest in sharing the contents of the conferences within their communities.

Dr. Manuel Alarcón Barrios, who participated in “Peace Starts with Me” rally in New York centering on our True Mother on July 15, shared an interesting testimony when he said that he never thought to find himself so surprisingly with “the only begotten daughter”, True Mother. Dr. Alarcon expressed himself with these terms when referring to his encounter with Mother, also stating that he had the opportunity to meet “the holy rock” where True Father used to pray. He said, he could not touch the Rock as the others and that it was enough to be near and pray, as he received a strong spiritual discharge from the stone as if it were an electric discharge.

In the main program, Evaristo Fernández, President of UPF Paraguay, gave a short Divine Principle lecture for one hour, presenting the ideal of creation, the origin of evil and the history of the Restoration. The purpose of these series of “mini events” is to draw attention and awaken the interest of the guests to study The Divine Principle with the “one-to-one” system.

At the end of the day, the coordinator Abel González, a young university student presented a program called “one to one”, highlighting the general acceptance by everyone in showing interest to study. Naturally, an agenda must be prepared to facilitate the effectiveness of this educational system.

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