Nicaragua: Seminar on the Vision for Peace

Prepared by UPF Nicaragua

On the 4th of August 2017 at the Hotel Elements Boutique of Managua, Nicaragua following the directions of the UPF and the IAPP, an event was held where a selected group of Peace Ambassadors and personalities in general were gathered to attend a seminar titled Vision for Peace II.

In this activity, 43 people participated and the first act was a prayer offered by the Honorable Dr. Jerjes Ruiz who is a dean in the Politecnica University and Pastor of the Baptist church.

Next, Lice. Maria Luisa Solsol presented a report about the recent activities of the UPF and IAPP around the world.

The Honorable Rev. Osorno, the actual President of the IAPP of Nicaragua gave a few welcoming words and testified about his experiences with the UPF and the IAPP encouraging to unite with the initiatives for peace of these organizations mentioned.

The Rev. Jorge de Oliveira, leader of the Family Federation for Peace was the lecturer of the conference Vision for Peace, One Family under God.

The engineer and excongressman Agustin Jarquin Anaya who is the actual President of the UPF of Nicaragua was the next to give his conference about the Role of the Leaders in a Challenging Society.

The other two conferences: Spiritual Values for Peace and the Cause for Conflicts were given by the Rev. Jorge de Oliveira. Lunch was served during this event.

The Seminar began at 9:30am and concluded at 3pm. It was a successful seminar where the participants were positive and gave their solidarity to the themes that were exhibited and this activity concluded with an atmosphere of profound harmony.

Below are some of the distinguished participants:

  1. Reverend Guillermo Antonio Osorno President of IAPP Nicaragua
  2. Eng. Agustín Jarquín Anaya. President of UPF Nicaragua
  3. Jamileth Bonilla Congresswoman of the Parliament
  4. Doctor Mauricio Diaz Ex. Congressman of the Parliament
  5. Dr Jerjes Ruiz Professor of the UPOLI University
  6. Lic. Ruth del Socorro Cerda Congresswoman of the National Assembly
  7. Lic. Lidia Chavarría Congresswoman of the National Assembly
  8. Lic. Darling Cerrato Pastor of the Baptist Church Pastora de la Iglesia Bautista
  9. Rev Jorge de Oliveira
  10. Roger Vergara Industrial Engineer
  11. Milagros Bosco. Phycologist
  12. Asael Rodriguez Pastor
  13. Virginia Elena de Rodriguez Pastor
  14. Agustin Aragon Tellez Pastor
  15. Xochilt Osejo Pastor
  16. Roberto Ivan Rodriguez Pastor
  17. Jenny Herrera  Pastor
  18. Juana Silvia Sanchez  Pastor

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