New Zealand: Peace Road 2017

By Andrew Halim, FFWPU New Zealand

Peace Road 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand took place on the 12th of August. The event was organized by Mr Leon Pogoni, Chairman of WSFF New Zealand and Mrs Grace Jung, one of our 2nd Generation Blessed Couples in New Zealand. It was supported by most of our Unification Movement members and attended by about 50 members and guests from various walks of life.

Thanks to the efforts of our own youths, we were able to invite members of other youth organizations such as NZ Ethnic Women’s Trust, The Youth Collective and St Heliers Youth Community to take part in the event. More than half of the participants were youths below 35 years old, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

The starting point was at Parnell Peace Embassy, where we initiated the activity through general introduction and orientation on the event, along with signing of the Peace Road Map. Participants then began to cycle or walk, depending on their preferences. The cycling route covered a modest 19km which ended at Achilles Point, whereas the walking route covered 12km which ended earlier at Mission Bay.

A lunch gathering after the event, truly resembling One Family under God, closed the event with love and gratitude. Everyone involved were grateful for the opportunity to experience the Peace Road together and are hopeful that the little things we do through this event would be helpful as part of the global effort to promote peace and to prepare for True Father’s 5th Universal Seonghwa Commemoration.

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