Inauguration Ceremony for New FFWPU Leadership in Canada


by Rev. Franco Famularo, FFWPU Canada

To commemorate True Mother’s recent decision to designate Canada as one of the sixteen regions of FFWPU and to celebrate its new leadership, an inauguration ceremony led by Continental Chairman of FFWPU North America, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, was held on Sunday, August 20, at the Toronto Family Church.

Rev. Ratnasabapathy Thillairajan emceed the event while Cosmic Harmony, the Toronto Family Church youth band, lifted the spirit of the service through worship and praise.

With the Unificationists in attendance fully ready to welcome this new era for Canada, Dr. Kim delivered his congratulatory remarks, sharing openly about how his faith and confidence in our Heavenly Parent and True Parents were renewed through his recent experiences leading up to True Mother’s speech at Madison Square Garden. He encouraged the newly appointed Canadian leadership to have confidence in God and that this is indeed a new time for a region that played a pivotal role in the Unificationist movement.

Dr. Moonshik Kim, as newly appointed Chairman of Canada, followed with a message emphasizing that all Unificationists should unite and work together to bring substantial results for True Parents and the Heavenly Parent.

Rev. Jong Deug Yoo, the newly appointed Vice-Chair for Canada who previously served as the Regional President of Oceania, assured everyone that he is fully committed and dedicated to making True Parents’ visions for Canada a reality.

Rev. Franco Famularo, newly appointed National Leader of Canada, referred to the biblical role of the shepherd as essential to our success. Therefore, Unificationists, as tribal messiahs, should strive to be good shepherds and tend to and feed the proverbial sheep of the world. In other words, Rev. Famularo maintained, the desire to serve others and bring joy to God is key to the success of the Unification movement.

Newly appointed Secretary General Of Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Canada, Rev. Robert Duffy recognized the contribution of previous and current leadership and expressed his commitment to expand UPF’s efforts throughout the country.

The entire leadership and representatives from the country—pastors, community leaders, and the like—then joined Dr. Ki Hoon Kim for lunch. While enjoying a delicious meal, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim opened his heart to the community, discussing his personal experiences with True Parents over the years. He concluded by encouraging the Canadian Unificationists to serve the world and unite with Europe.

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