Nepal: Youth and Student for Peace Program


Prepared by YSP Nepal

The YFWP & YSP Nepal organized and conducted a program in respond to UN International Youth Day with the theme “Youth Peace building” in Bhaktapur District; wherein a good foundation was About 400 college and high school students from 7 schools participated at this event.

Director of Everest School, Prof. Bhakta Rajbhandari welcomed the YFWP & YSP delegate, VIP’s and Student.

Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, CIG Envoy to Nepal who was the chief guest and inaugurated the program and gave the keynote speech. President of FFWPU-Nepal Rev. Santosh Kumar Paudel, presented the “The Role of Students & Youth in Peace Building” and introduce the vision and mission of YSP founder – True Mother.

The program made a great impact to students and school principal and urging the organizer to include the philosophy of YSP in the curriculum. This program is a joint venture of Pure Love education and CARP. YSP is now starting to roam around from school to school to teach the student.

Mr. Chaudamani Paudel, the Youth and Student for Peace, YSP coordinator realized that his life was save from committing evil doings. “Now I can start to live my life with a conscientious mind practicing True Parents teaching”.

During the program, Tong Il Moo-Do presented their best program, the “Eye of the Tiger” demonstration. Which made the audience applaud joyfully.

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