Nepal: Tong Il Moo-Do International Tournament and Black Belt Promotion


Prepared by TIMD Nepal

From zero to 103 Tong Il Moo-Do black belt and counting; and continuously growing from 27 TIMD chapter nationwide and continuously building a good and strong foundation to attract and witnessed a good player that embody the universal principle and self-discipline.

This is the result of early Filipino Tong Il Moo-Do missionary to Nepal, Sahbumnim Leo Carumba, from 2005 to 2013. Now the TIMD Nepal become the eye catcher to the teenager and young adult who were inspired to join and to be part of the Tong Il Moo-Do Association.

Last week of July, TIMD-Nepal sent 4 black Belt TIMD player to Bangkok, Thailand for 2nd Tong Il Moo-Do Championship and they brought 10 medals and 1 trophy.

This is the second time that TIMD-Nepal sent a player in Thailand and several times in the Philippines and India for tournament and completion.

Sahbounim Adonis Arcillas of Philippines, since 2015; are now continuing the early foundation that was made and raising more black belt for international player and instructor.

On July 27, 2017; Tong Il Moo-Do conducted a 2-day black belt promotion with participation of 17 players from 4 different chapter of TIMD-Nepal.

5 black Belt, 2 brown belt and 10 lower belt were promoted at the same time including one 2nd generation. During the promotion test; Sahbumnim Adonis Arcillas, gave the philosophy of Tong Il Moo-Do and its significance.  Players demonstrate all forms including Sawi Guidae Eui Bon, Chun Seung Eui Bon, one step sparring from formation stage up to multiple step of sparing.

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