Nepal: Peace Road 2017


Prepared by FFWPU Nepal

Connecting the World through Peace Road was conducted in Kathmandu, Nepal; last August 9, 2017 with 350 attendees including the current minister of physical Infrastructure and Transportation, 3 former minister, 18 current Member of the Parliament from 9 major political party, Cyclist Federation and Youth Club.

The program was held at Narayan Public park and ended in the heart of Kathmandu also know us ‘Peace Park’ 7 kilometers in distance by bicycle and motorbike. The event started early 8 o’clock in the morning.

Despite the bad weather (drizzle, rainy) the program does not stop and the VIP’s, guest, cyclist and other participants does not hesitate to joined and the program was started in the exact time.

In the inauguration ceremony, the current minister of physical infrastructure and transportation Hon. Bir Bahadur Balayar quoted in his speech “Nepal government is extending hands and always ready to help in terms of Peace Program like this Peace Road 2017” and he added in his message “Thanks to Father Moon, who contributed a lot in peace process in Nepal last 2005 and to UPF Nepal for organizing the Peace Road Nepal 2017 here in Kathmandu. Nepal have face so many turbulences about peace process, this such a kind of peace program is necessarily needed now and to our new generations. Nepal is a land of Buddha and Buddha is symbol of peace.”

Hon. Milan Kumari Rajbanshi, current Member of Parliament; stand as the committee chairman of Peace Road 2017 brought 12 current member of parliament from 4 major political party during the preparatory and committee meeting; one week before the event. And she quoted in her speech during the inaugural ceremony of Peace Road 2017 “We can bring peace and unity to our new generation, women’s and scholar. Today we started peace through the peace road 2017 program. I believe if we can achieve peace in each nation, we can achieve world peace.

One of the former Minister spoke during the peace road program “Thanks to UPF-Nepal for Organizing Peace Road 2017. Nepal is the place of Buddha were born, we should make peace in the schools, road and every field. And for this, youth generation must take responsible and take initiative in accordance of the universal law in order to achieve long lasting peace” he said.

In the closing program, the WFWP president, Mrs. Blessie Dhakal – spoke of conveying True Parents love to all mankind and cultivate a filial heart to realized and substantialized peace on earth.

The program was successfully conducted and made a national impact through the coverage of 4 giant national Television; The Himalaya Time, Newschannel 24, ABC channel and Image channel. This event was happened through the strong guidance of the CIG Envoy to Nepal, Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal and supervision of FFWPU-Nepal president, Rev. Santosh Kumar Paudel.

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