Mozambique: Special Youth Workshop

By Paluku, FFWPU Mozambique

We concluded a 10 days special workshop for youth. It was a wonderful and successful workshop. We had 14 participants and all of them could feel the True Love of Heavenly Parents and True Parents during the worksho.

We had 8 days of lectures, one day of dedication and 1 day of sport (soccer). Through these activities participants could open their heart, connect to each other and are more committed to follow our beloved True Parents.

The last day they did performances: songs, dances, theater. It was a wonderful and so amazing to see the youth performing. We felt we are also learning a lot from them. At the end of workshop 5 participants didn’t want to go back home after the workshop. It was amazing feeling.

We had dedication time in our new land. We reserved 3,000m2 for the forestation project. Also we want to build a training center there. We started already this project and will be concluded at December 2017.

We started a soccer team for witnessing. For now, only our members are gathering. But we heard many other youth want to be part of this team. The project is to expand witnessing through soccer. Our National Messiah promised to send soccer material for 2 teams from Korea.

We feel, our Heavenly Parent and our beloved True Parents are working very hard through our brothers and sister in Mozambique, as members are working hard for the victory of the providence. We expect and feel a big victory, will come soon in our country. Glory to our True parents.

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