Lesotho: Peace Road 2017


By Darkwell Sakala, FFWPU Lesotho

The peace road event on August 19, 2017, in Lesotho was very well organized and attended by the Integrated Business Cousantant College, (I. B.C. College) and 7 lectures and 35 students from City International high school where we teach character education, Maseru Red Cross Society. And we attracted a lot of people on the way watching us marching, who were very much excited and happy with the initiative of peace road. Some people promised to be more involved next year. The police were present to control the traffic and to make sure that everything is going well for peace road.

The event was held at Moshoeshoe 1 Statue Park in Maseru it’s a very historical place the park is named after the founder of the nation King Mosheshoe the 1 that is where his statue is, it is a place where the first member of this country used to pray and cry out to Heavenly parent to save this country for two years we failed to hold the peace road there but this year we were given a permit to hold our peace road at the Moshoeshoe statue park.

A number of peace speeches were given by different speakers from different organizations. The first speaker was Mr. Darkwell Sakala the national leader who gave the introduction of UPF. He also talked about character education for youths who are our future leaders that they need to have good character. He also talked about the WFWP the importance of the women, empowering the women talked about service for peace etc.

The President for WFWP Lesotho Mrs. Franciner bereng was the second speaker. She spoke about the history of peace road where it started and where it is going. She spoke about the founder’s vision for peace and True Parents accomplishment that father moon brought all the faiths of the world together, brought all politicians together, to discuss about world peace, he established a lot of organization for world peace. She also talked about what women Federation for world peace is doing.

The third speaker was Bishop Justice Moholi of the Apostolic Faith church mission in Lesotho. He spoke extensively on peace, history of Lesotho, talked about peace road where it is heading too, he said that by 2020 his majesty the King Litsie the III should attend the peace road here in Maseru, he explained how they welcomed the peace road, he said the youths should take over this peace road it is not for the elderly only but youths should be in the forefront. He went on to say that peace road is not for one church but for all the churches so they and all peace loving people in the country are all invited to come and join us.

Tsitso Moshoeshoe a student from I. B. C. College articulated very well on peace. He challenged the youths to stand up to change the world and to be responsible for peace to prevail. Mr. Phaello Mokoena the Lecturer from Integrated Business Consultant College (I B C College) gave a very good speech on peace, the meaning of peace, what we have to do to achieve peace. He said that imagine when we all have to live for peace what will this world be like? He gave a very good and moving speech.

The last speaker was from the Red Cross society in Maseru, Mr. Mothibeli Tsokoliso. He spoke more on how grateful they were to be invited to attend peace road 2017. it was really a blessing for them to be invited and to be chosen to speak at the same time he really thanked UPF Lesotho for that.

We did not want to waste much time we thought we can still utilize this same time to issue Ambassador for Peace Certificates as well, 4 Bishops from Mother Christener Apostolic Faith Church Mission in Lesotho which is our sister church were awarded with certificates, 4 from each institution who were present were awarded the ambassadors for peace certificates as well.

We have been working with these institutions for three years now it was very exciting because when a person was called to receive the certificate everybody cheered as they come to collect their certificates.

After that participants were divided into small groups especially the youths to have more discussion about peace and the way forward.

The youth were led by brother Joseph Manti and they wanted to know about what YFWP or CARP offers to the world. WFWP had their own discussions team lead by the president of WFWP Lesotho. And all the men as well gathered centering on Mr. David Mohau Mahema the leader of Heavenly Tribal Messiah here in Lesotho. All these groups had their own different discussions. We deeply thank all the participants and all our partners for accepting our invitations.

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