Israel: Peace Road 2017


Prepared by UPF Israel

We hold the Peace Road 2017 in Israel on August 12, 2017 at Haifa, a promenade viewing Haifa bay and the Mediterranean Sea.  We had about 50 participants which included Rabbi Dr. Edgar Nof, Prof. eliezer Glaubach – president of the Jerusalem Forum for Peace & Security, Prof. Lachter – President of Bridges of Peace, and Senior peace ambassadors from various religions.

The event gathered families and people from 3 generations: grandparents, parents and children, second generation children as well as guests and peace ambassadors. Senior peace ambassadors and guests who attended first time.

The event was shaped as an interfaith gathering, leaded by a Rabbi and his communities. Representatives from 3 religions opened with words of peace, prayers and greetings – and later on: walked together along the promenade while singing songs of peace.

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  1. Marilyn Angelucci says:

    Yeah Israel, FFWPU leading the way to Peace in Israel. You did a great job.

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