Inauguration of the IAPP Marshall Islands


by Kenichi ITO, UPF Marshall Island

The Inauguration of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) Republic of the Marshall Islands was successfully conducted on July 29, 2017 at the Events Hall at the Marshall Islands Resort in Majuro.

There were about 21 participants, including seven high level figures including current and former Members of Parliament, two former Presidents, one former First Lady as well as one former Vice President, one current Minister and one Vice Minister.

The event took place as follows:

1) Rev Ken Ito, President of UPF Republic of Marshall Islands, gave the opening remarks and explained about the back ground of IAPP including an UPF Introductory video presentation.

2) Then Hon. Kessai H. Note, IAPP-Oceania Co-Chair, gave the main address, speaking detailing his experiences while attending IAPP events over the past year in Nepal as well as in Washington DC and at this year‘s Summit in Korea. He explained how IAPP is working for the world peace and development and is effective assisting nations such as RMI in their efforts for regional peace and development.

3) Rev. Gregory Stone, Secretary-General of UPF-Oceania presented a PowerPoint about the principles of peace including the importance of values education in schools, family values etc.

4) Then, Rev. Ito read the IAPP-Marchall Island resolution statement and invited all the attendees to sign it. The IAPP Marshall Islands was thus inaugurated.

5) Free discussion took place regarding the future of IAPP-Marshall Islands. This was chaired by Hon .K. Note until the close.

Our participants included:

  1. Hon. Kessai H. Note, Senator, Co-Chair of IAPP Oceania, former President(2000~2007)
  2. Hon. Litokwa Tomein, Senator, former President (2008~2010)
  3. Hon. Brenson Wase, Senator, Current Minister of Finance
  4. Hon. Mrs. Anono Lieom Loeak, Former First Lady (20012~2015)
  5. Hon. Witton Philippo, Lawyer ,former Senator & Vice President
  6. Mr. Phil Philippo, Current Vice Minister of Transport & Communication, former Director of Cabinet
  7. Mrs. Yolanda Lodge, Lawyer, former Chief Secretary of Cabinet
  8. Mr. Hilton Kendall, Member of Constitutional Committee, Vice President of RMI Development Bank
  9. Mr. Jien Lekka, Member of Constitutional Committee
  10. Mr. Jim Philippo, Vice President of Tobolar (National Coco Company)
  11. Mr Joe Talley, IT Engineer, US Kuwait-Iraq War Veteran
  12. Mr Dean Lajedrick, Majuro Local Government officer
  13. Mrs Clorida Philippo, National Police officer
  14. Mrs Linda Talley, Business Lady
  15. Rev Gregory Stone, SG of UPF Oceania
  16. Rev Kenichi ITO, President of UPF-RMI
  17. Ms Claire Loeak , Assistant to former First Lady , Attorney
  18. Ms. Rosemary Loeak, Middle School Teacher
  19. Hon Thom Kijinner, RMI Ambassador to Japan, Korea

It was a small scale, but a very rich and meaningful event.

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  1. Julian Gray says:

    This is so heart-warming and reflects the public-minded and committed presence of Marshall Island representatives Mr. and Mrs. Kenichi Ito. Congratulations for this deeply hopeful step forward. May this inter-parliamentary initiative enable other small island nations to come closer together and address common issues, as well as sharing their wisdom with the larger world.

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