Philippines: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Leaders and Coordinators General Assembly


Prepared by FFWPU Philippine

The Philippines conducted a 2-Day HTM Leaders and Coordinators General Assembly last July 15-16, 2017 in Calamba, Laguna, with the Theme: “Multiplying Owners of Hyo Jeong (Filial Heart) for National Restoration.” A total of 167 HTM Leaders and Coordinators and staff coming from the different HTM tribal areas in the Province of Rizal, and Metro Manila and nearby Regions converged for this assembly.

This General Assembly was intended to educate and empower our HTM Coordinators to become owner of Cheon Il Guk by becoming lecturers of the HTM Leader School and  to follow up  those who have attended the Blessing and finished the 3- Day ceremony  to become regular members. The event also was held in order to strengthen our Home group – Trinities, as well as to prepare our new blessed members to attend the ancestors’ liberation and blessing ceremonies that will be held in the future. Another intention of the general assembly was to introduce the HTM – YLEP (Youth Leadership Education Program) to educate and witness to the young people in the HTM areas and help them prepare for their future. Finally, our purpose for the seminar is for our coordinators to clarify the vision, goals and strategies of the Philippine Movement towards Vision 2020 and understand their mission and responsibility to multiply and become HTM to fulfill their 430 couples.

The HTM Leaders – Coordinators General Assembly started with an orientation by Mrs. Marietes Sato, overall coordinator of the program. The formal program started with the activity of  “Getting to know each other” where they are formed into a big circle with  partners and move  around to shake everyone’s hand to greet each other.  The 1st lecture was on the Identity and Responsibility of HTM Leaders- Coordinators for National Restoration, presented by Rev. Jaime O. Vergara, Vice National Leader of FFWPU- Philippines. The main emphasis of the lecture is for the HTM Coordinators to understand further what is Heavenly Tribal Messiah, their roles and responsibilities as owners to expand the foundation for realizing Cheon Il Guk and to become HTM candidates to fulfill their own 430 couples blessing.

The 2nd lecture was given by Prof. Joseph Navalta, Vice President of UPF, Philippines and one of the HTM Victors in the Philippines. His presentation was entitled, “7 Ways to Receive Heavenly Fortune for my Family and Tribe”. He stressed the importance of fulfilling the fundamental duties as citizens of Cheon Il Guk in order to receive heavenly fortune. These are: through the ancestors’ liberation and blessing, receiving the holy blessing for the removal of original sin and changing of the blood lineage, giving tithes to be blessed by God, attending worship for the family protection, living centering on trinities, attending daily Hoon Dok Hae and uprooting the 4 kinds of sins. The participants were quite happy and inspired to understand how they can receive heavenly fortune and determined to fulfill all the conditions in order to receive the overflowing blessings from God and True Parents.

After the two lectures, an overview of the SWOT (strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threat) analysis on the Philippine state was  presented by Rev. Jaime O. Vergara, as a basis for each group to make a SWOT analysis for their own respective areas and create action plans until the end of 2017 towards Vision 2020. The classification of membership was also presented for HTM Coordinators to understand their membership status. After dinner, the participants enjoyed swimming in the hot-springs of Laguna in spite of the heavy rain.

The 2nd day started with the morning hoon Dok hae as well as the Sunday fellowship at 6:00 am. The Sunday message was delivered by Rev. Jaime O. Vergara on the topic: “Fishers of Men, finding the Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. In the message, he reminded everyone the importance of witnessing as our main mission while we are still on earth and that our spiritual children shall be our eternal assets in the kingdom of heaven. During the fellowship, the HTM Coordinators one by one offered their donation showing their gratitude to God and True Parents. After the Sunday fellowship, reporting on the SWOT analysis and action plans in order to expand HTM activities of each group was conducted.

The last presentation in the Assembly was given by Mrs. Shirley N. Vergara, the National Director for HTM – Witnessing. She introduced the new program called HTM-YLEP (Youth Leadership Education Program) which is an education program aimed at molding the young people in the HTM areas and the children of the HTM members. YLEP program will also assist in preparing the youth in the HTM areas for brighter future and become productive leaders in the communities. She also shared on the goals and plans for the remaining months of 2017 particularly relating to all HTM activities. The seminar finally ended with the writing of reflection, evaluation, signing of membership and oath of determination by the HTM Coordinators for Vision 2020.

During the Closing Program, Atty. Bayani Hipol, former Quezon City Councilor, UPF Vice President for Quezon City and active HTM Coordinator who already blessed 240 couples in his area, gave the congratulatory message. He is also brought with him in the Assembly his coordinators. He made a determination to complete his 430 couples together with his coordinators so that they can see True Parents in Korea. Prof. Joseph Navalta, gave the inspirational message as he asked everyone to continue to dream of a peaceful world. He said, “As we dream together, our dreams can finally become a reality”. Finally, a concluding prayer was offered by Rev. Jaime O. Vergara and four cheers of Eog Mansei by Mrs. Marietes Sato.

Through this Assembly of HTM Leaders and Coordinators, more commitment was forged in order to become the true owners of HTM providence and by multiplying the blessing, knowing their identity as blessed couples, the participants expressed their desire to become the vanguards of change in their own community to spread the fire of the Blessing and the love of God and True Parents to their family and to their tribes. After this Assembly, more HTM Leaders and Coordinators Assembly will be held all over the main regions in the Philippines.

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