Greater China Region: Follow Up – GTGY Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU Greater China Region

We are grateful that 90 youths and students including 61 second generation from Greater China could participate in 2017 Global Top Gun Youth in Cheongpyeong, Korea.

At the end of the workshop, all the students, included 50 participants of second generation and other 10 seonghwa students came back to Taiwan, and attend the special workshop for inheriting and practicing the spirit of GTGY.

We hope that they can make a fresh start based on the spirit of GTGY and True Mother’s wish.

Almost every participant shared about the amazing love they have felt in HJ Cheon Won, especially from True Mother. They also experienced the love from elder brothers and sisters who truly want to guard them. Under such background and power of true love, they can break through the challenge of language and culture and so on.

Regional President Rev. and Mrs. Hwang gave them an inspiring and warm message to encourage them to try their best to love people.

They remember True Mother’s loving heart to tell them, “I love you and believe in you all. Encourage them to express what they experience love from True Parents and share with their families, friends, other second generation.” This will become the practice goal in their life.​

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