Greater China: A New Beginning

Prepared by FFWPU Greater China

Inauguration Ceremony of Asia Regional Group, Chairman Dr. Chung Sik Yong and Greater China Regional President Rev. Thomas Hwang was held on August 6 as well as Farewell to former Special Emissary Dr. Oyamada.

Leaders from China, Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo as well as Taiwan’s leaders and members gathered to welcome the Inauguration Ceremony. We admire and appreciate for True Mother’s wisdom and vision for the providence of China through integrating Asia regional Group and global Chinese people to support and move China Providence forward.

We believe and look forward it will bring more momentum and result toward Vision 2020 under the leadership of Dr. Yong and Rev. Hwang. Especially Rev. Hwang owned a rich experience of Chinese Providence and can speak in Chinese.

Chairman Dr. Yong give a very powerful guidance for the development of Greater China Region, and Rev. Hwang give a warm and deep sharing in Chinese. Their Inauguration address inspired all leaders and members to work hard together.

In the afternoon after Inauguration Ceremony, we have a meeting led by Chairman Dr. Yong. Then on August 7-9, we held a GCR leadership seminar centered on President Rev. Hwang and 90 participants attended. President Rev. Hwang shared about many wonderful testimony and guidance concerning the right attitude toward Faith. Through this, he opened our heart and make everyone see their own value, so we can restart our mission with hope and joy to face the challenges.

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