Ghana: Peace Road 2017 and other Events

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Prepared by FFWPU-Ghana

The fourth week of August was dominated by the activity of peace Road organized on August 26, 2017.  Members of FFWPU- Ghana assembled at ‘’Sportem   junction’’ in Accra and walked on about four (4) kilometres to join the worldwide condition of peace road. A detailed report will be sent soon.

On August 21st, seven day Divine Principle started with only two(2) participants. On the third day, one of the participants dropped off and by Sunday, the other participant finished the workshop.  The workshop graduate is a student under Women’s Federation –Ghana scholarship scheme. His is now in his fourth year of medical school at the University of Social Studies in Tamale (Northern Ghana).He received his certificate of participation during the Sunday service.

On August 22, 2017, very few members gathered at the Mile 7 temple to take part in the Pledge service in order to celebrate the 27th Declaration day of Gods Eternal Blessing as well as the “21st Declaration Day of Cosmic Sabbath. Most of the members observed the pledge service at home because the holiday fell on a working day.


On August 27, 2017, the Sunday sermon at the national headquarters centre  in Accra was delivered by the National leader in replacement to Reverend Itiah Tegah  (former National leader) who  is sick at the moment. He preached based on excepts from Cheon Seong Gyeon ,book nine. The topic has to do with the attitude of a   church leader and his devotional prayer . Forty two people attended the service. The children also had their Sunday school. They were taught by Mrs Beata Morgan. Thirteen (13) children attended the service. They received teaching on the results of the fall.

After the service, there was a special blessed couples meeting meant for the celebration of the silver jubilee (25 years) blessing anniversary of the 30.000 couples blessing as well as the 22 years blessing anniversary of the 360.000 couples. The blessed families invited all those who attended the service to join the celebration. A detailed report will be sent soon.

In the other centres, they had regular Sunday service and some of the centres have already sent their attendance reports as well as pictures taken after service. They will be attached to our pictures.

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