Ghana: Establishing Holy Ground and Youth Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU Ghana

From Friday 11th August to Sunday,13th August the youth of FFWPU-Ghana organized a social activity in the Training Centre of Ofankor in Accra. Together with their leader, Su-Gil Aboagye, they decided to embellish the holy ground of the church located in the training centre. They gathered on Friday night at the holy ground to offer prayer of devotion before starting all their activities the next day. They cut the grass, swept the centre, painted the main building, did few construction work in the compound. There were fifteen (15) young   people both second generation and Jacob children who  took part in the activity.

They all enjoyed the program because they had time to socialize and share meals and nice time together.

On Friday, 18th August 2017, a week later, the YFWP-Ghana based in Elubo ,a town in the Western Region of Ghana, organized a one day workshop with the youths of their town. The national leader of FFWPU-Ghana was invited from Accra to give a  lecture on the theme ‘’The value and the responsibility of youth in society ‘’. In all forty five (45) people, including our members attended the workshop. Among the thirty three (33) guests   , there were personalities of the town such as the Assembly man, the Unit Committee Chairman as well as the Radio Presenter of the town Radio.  The event was advertised on the local radio days before the workshop.

At the end of the workshop, the young people expressed their positive opinion about our lectures. Also, the personalities present at the workshop requested that such workshop be organized every month in their communities.

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