Ghana: Divine Principle Seminar for Christian Pastors


By Mrs. Marthe Whyte, FFWPU Ghana

On August 12, 2017, we organized a Divine principle seminar for the Pastors in Mile 7 temple in Accra. This workshop was a continuation of a program that begun in the month of July, 2017. It was for a better understand of True Parents’ teachings and help the participants to be part of the tribal messiah blessing and also allow their members to also receive True Parents’ Blessing.

Among Forty-four participants we had 30 new guests including nine Reverend ministers, three prophetesses, one prophet, one bishop and one pastor. They were all from different local churches in Ghana. The rest were our members.

The workshop began with Christian praises and worship led by Reverend Paul Wise Akoto. The participants watched a video about True Parents activities around the world.

After that, the FFWPU-Ghana’s national leader, Pastor James Aidoo gave the first main lecture based on the principle of creation and the fall of man. He stressed on the importance of the family in God’s plan for salvation.

In the afternoon, Reverend Edward Aboagye, an elder of our movement in Ghana, elaborated on the principle of restoration and finished his lecture by giving a full lecture on the blessing and all it stages.

Although, the content of that lecture was entirely new to all the men of God, they listened attentively to the lecturer and were captivated by the new truth. Few questions were asked during and after both lectures.

During the whole workshop, the pastors and reverend ministers took turn in reading the biblical references whenever the need arose.

The participants shared a tea break as well as lunch break with all the members. All the married couples were all invited to participate in the upcoming Cosmic blessing via satellite. They all left the workshop with great hope and expectation.

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