Ghana: Character Education at the Schools


By Marthe Whyte, WFWP Ghana

WFWP-Ghana continued to visit various schools in Accra to give character Education to the youth of Ghana. In this month of July 2017, our team made of Mrs. Vivian Nkatia and Mrs. Leontine Tackyi, have visited four schools at Darkuma, a suburb of Accra. In all, the team interacted with three hundred and eighty students from Primary, Junior and Senior High Schools. WFWP-Ghana main topic is ‘’ HIV/AIDS AND THE FUTURE OF OUR YOUTH.’’ We present the danger of all the sexually transmitted diseases with a particular emphasis on HIV/AIDS. We advise on the choice of a life of abstinence and purity before marriage. We use flipchart for the education in the schools.

This is the breakdown of the activities throughout the month of July 2017. We will also have attached some pictures of the various visits in the schools.

On Wednesday, 12th July 2017, we visited’’ Star Bright School’’, the Primary and Junior High sections. Ninety-eight (98) students attended the program.

On Friday, 14th July 2017, we visited ‘’Meadow International School’’, the Primary and Junior High sessions. Ninety-five (95) students attended.

On Wednesday, 19th July, 2017, we visited ‘’Motesco Senior High School’’, Forms 1, 2 &3. In all, one hundred and five (105) students attended.

On Wednesday, 26th July, 2017, we visited ‘’Sarfo Memorial School’’, the Primary and Junior High sections. Eighty-two (82) students attended the program.


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