Philippines: Graduation Ceremony for Tongil Moo Do Martial Arts Instructors


By Rev. Julius Malicdem and IPLC Journalism Students

The Philippine Movement bannered by the World Tong-Il Moo Do Federation (WTMF Philippines), together with International Peace Leadership College, conducted the 2nd 120-Day Trimestral Graduation Program for the 120-Day Tongil Moo Do Martial Arts Training and Peace Studies on July 22, 2017 at the IPLC Gymnasium in Tanay, Rizal Province, with 111 students successfully hurdling the 4-month training. Also, held was the official Opening Ceremony for the incoming 3rd Batch 120-Day Training and the Completion Ceremony of the 4-month Internship of the 1st batch with 52 interns in attendance. These 111 graduates shall undergo 4-month Internship by being deployed in several regions and provinces in the Philippines while those who have successfully completed their Internship belonging to the 1st batch shall be officially conferred Certificates as Tongil Moo Do Instructors and shall be evaluated for assignment to local or foreign missions. This special program now being dubbed as “From Zero to Hero Project” aimed at raising future leaders and advancing Vision 2020 started November last year and have transformed many young people mostly out-of-school and college undergraduates and now trained to become productive citizens who will also transform many young people in the communities.

The event became even more special as this was attended and witnessed by National Leaders from all over Asia led by Dr. Chung Sik Yong and the Regional Leaders of the Philippine Movement together with several Ambassadors for Peace and local government officials led by the Vice Governor of Rizal Province, Hon. Reynaldo San Juan Jr. Also present in the program representing World Tongil Moo Do Fereration-International is Grandmaster Takamitsu Hoshiko, the Executive Vice President of WTMF International.

After the solemn graduation ceremony which was conducted through a bequeathing of belt ceremony officiated by the Program Director, Master Bernard Villagante, wherein the graduates offered their current belts and received a new belt of a higher level which also signifies a bigger responsibility. The belt ceremony was concluded through the testimonies of two trainees representing both the 1st and 2nd batches wherein they testified how much change Tongil Moo Do had made for their lives and their perspective about life. They have testified that from a young person with no clear vision and goal for their lives, they have become somebody who can contribute for the building of the nation’s youth. After the Graduation Ceremony, a very high energy and awe-inspiring performance was presented showcasing the skills and talents of all the trainees. Their performance was so moving that many spectators could even shed tears including the Chief Guest, the Vice Governor.

Dr. Venus G. Agustin, who is the President of IPLC and the President of World Tongil Moo Do Federation-Asia, introduced the Keynote Speaker, Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Regional Group Chairman of Asia. Dr. Yong, once again emphasized the need of raising the trainees to become missionaries and leaders not only for the Philippines but for the sake of the world. During his speech, he invited qualified trainees to attend a special workshop in South Korea as preparation for international pioneering mission. Hon. Reynaldo San Juan Jr., Vice Governor of Rizal Province; Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, Member of the Parliament of Nepal and Hon. Denver Balbuena, Chief-of-Staff to the Mayor of Quinapondan, Eastern Samar, delivered their congratulatory messages. Their messages confirmed the inspiration they received by looking at the graduates and made their determination support the expansion of the program.

Rev. Julius Malicdem, FFWPU National Leader of the Philippines, delivered the closing remarks and the call for action, in which he stated, “I am happy to be with everyone and with the very good outcome of the program. Now, more and more people started to believe in our vision and because of this, this project will surely expand from Philippines to other nations. It is an excellent program since it has changed many young people’s lives. It also creates disciplined young leaders and truly raising them “from zero to hero.” Based on this victory, Philippines is determined to expand the program in several areas in the Philippines like in Mindanao, Iloilo and Dumaguete by September of this year. The program concluded with victorious cheers of Eog Mansei and picture taking signifying the conclusion of the historic graduation and recognition ceremony.

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