Finland: Peace Road 2017


By Gudrun Hassinen, FFWPU Finland

The Peace Road Suomi/ Finland 2017 rally started in the heart of Helsinki, the central square with the white Lutheran cathedral and the statue of the historical Grand Duke Alexander II, on 18. August 2017.

The organizers welcomed the participants, and a long-time Ambassador for Peace, Mr. Lauri Oinonen, a pastor and a three- term Member of Parliament from Central Finland gave his greeting to the group of young and old in attendance. He said that there is always hope for the world, even though there are a lot of sad and bad things happening. When people seek and adhere to God’s guidelines, blessings will always follow. Those with hope and faith may be few in number, but goodness will always win in the end.

The FFWPU representative reminded everyone that peace does not begin by blaming and accusing others – whether politicians, companies, or governments – but by creating peace within ourselves, creating peace within our families, among our friends and thus in Finland and in the world. “Peace begins with me”, peace begins with my attitude.

We then walked slowly along the main shopping street, Aleksanterinkatu, with banners and plaques, stretching as a procession of up to 100 meters, and attracting due curiosity among the late afternoon shoppers and tourists. We then proceeded onto the main street of Helsinki and until the park in front of the Parliament building.

There we ended the peace walk with a toast for reconciliation and peace, and in an uplifted mood remained for a while sharing with friends and new people in the comfortable late afternoon weather.


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