Europe: Transition of International Leadership


By Claus Dubisz, FFwpu Europe

During the 30 Year Anniversary of the CARP German Rally against the Berlin Wall another significant event took place: Following the Madison Square Garden Event in July, True Mother had restructured the Cheon Il Guk regions, and had created a new region “Europe – Russia (incl. former satellite states) – Middle-East (including Pakistan and Afghanistan)”.

So, on August 5th 2017, at the presence of Yeon-Ah Nim and 400 European participants, the new Chairman for this Europe Regional Group, Dr. Michael Balcomb, was officially introduced.

But first UK leader Matthew Huish honored former European chairman Jack Corley, who will serve in the future as Regional President Eastern- Europe (including Russia). A good choice, because Jack had intensely worked in Russia in the post-Soviet era.

After Jack’s reflecting words, future Regional President Northern Europe, David Hanna, introduced Dr. Michael Balcomb, who then explained a bit about his life, his spirit and his recent work with True Mother. He also introduced his “dream-team”, the other future Regional Presidents: Dieter Schmidt (Central Europe), Giuseppe Cali (Southern Europe), Jean-Francois Moulinet (Western Europe) and Umberto Angelucci (Middle-East).

In the future, also UPF General Secretary Jacques Marion can work with a strong elder brother: President UPF-Europe, Mr. Katsumi Otsuka. He shortly outlined the years after his joining in 1971, and especially his common experiences with Hyo Jin Nim at the CARP Convention 30 years ago.

The ceremony was concluded with three strong Mansei’s by Rev. Umberto Angelucci, Regional president of Middle East.

When the old and new European representatives of the Unification Movement met next morning for Hoon Dok Hae, Dr. Balcomb could share a gift from our True Mother for the new European Regions: High quality KONA coffee from Hawaii.

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