DR Congo: Peace Road 2017


Prepared by FFWPU DR Congo

This 3rd Edition of Peace road in DR Congo was very special in that it focused on educating political leaders on how to make peace during this period that our country is facing many difficulties, just like the previous years we can say that this year we receive many from authorities for this powerful initiative;

The Event was first launched in Limete Township with the theme: Peace –Unity and Solidarity for The Prosperity of DR Congo.

More than 500 people gathered the event and they were from many associations and providential organizations.

The program began with the opening remarks by the UPFeneral secretary jean Pierre Kadima Mundadi; he delivered a message testifying the vision and True Parents way for realizing ideal World, another message was given by an ambassador for Peace; everybody assembled at the national assembly palace from where the peace march had to finish.

Participants included representatives of municipality; music band and national police that accompanied during the entire peace march,

We attracted a lot of people on the way asking us many questions about our movement; they were very much excited and appreciated the initiative of peace road. The police were present to control the traffic and to make sure that everything is going well. We will once again be using the results of of this peace road to bring peace among Congolese people divided and also thank those who make this event a success.

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