Colombia: 40th Anniversary of Unification Family


By Alejandro Fayad Betancourt, FFWPU Colombia

On 20 August, 2017, the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Unification Church was celebrated at the national headquarters of Bogotá – Colombia.

On August 9, 1977, the Unification Church in Colombia was officially registered as the ” Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity” by missionaries arrived from the United States, Japan and Germany in 1975.

In 1996, the HAS-UWC changed its name to Unification Church and continued its work in Colombia, having 5 churches nationwide currently.

The commemoration was attended by some of the leaders who worked to establish the foundation that allowed the growth of the Church in Colombia since its foundation. Mr. Pedro Rodríguez, who was the first member of the Church in Colombia and national leader on several occasions came from Spain with his wife Mrs Jeanine Rausis, Mr. Shigeyuki Nakai and his wife Mrs. Hideko Nakai, who were the national leaders since 1980 to 1992 and came from Paraguay, and Mr. Waldir Cipriani, who was the national leader in the 1990s and came from Brazil.

The commemoration took place in a friendly atmosphere full of emotional moments knowing the stories of the Church from its beginning, the stories of the first missionaries who with their sacrifice and love for this nation rejoiced the hearts of those who participated in the commemoration and the greetings of congratulations that came from members living in different parts of the world made this ceremony a very special and meaningful one. The members and guests shared their experiences and enjoyed a musical presentation, gifts and a delicious lunch.

Finally, the participation of 120 members and guests who attended this commemoration marks the beginning of a new era for the Church in Colombia, that after 40 years will be full of blessings and victories that will give joy to Janul Pumonim and True Parents.


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