Cameroon: Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival


Prepared by FFWPU Cameroon

A blessing ceremony took place this Thursday Aug 17, 2017 at the National Headquarters of the FFWPU, Cameroon. A Clergy couple received the blessing following the seminar for clergy which took place last week.

The Pastoral couple of Rev Alain and Aline Danielle NGOA the founders of “The Ark of the New Convent Church “who received the blessing were interested by our movement and programs and wanted to get a deep and clear understanding of it. After being convinced that the blessing is the only way for all humanity to get rid of the original sin and establish happy and stable families, they opted to receive the blessing and came along with their son and daughter to witness the great even.

The blessing program began at 4:00 p.m. The couple was received by Rev. Edwin Plekhanov, National Pastor and guided to the hall where they were received in a warm musical setting by the members of FFWPU who were at the center.

The program began with a word of welcome, reading of the program for the blessing and a short explanation of the five stages of the blessing; the holy wine ceremony, the blessing ceremony, the chastening ceremony and the holy separation of 40 days. The 3 days ceremony was mentioned but its explanation was reserved to be given after the chastening ceremony. After the explanation which was given by Rev. Edwin Plekhanov, they proceeded immediately to the holy wine ceremony. He prayed and then offered the holy wine to the couple. This was accompanied by some holy songs in the background which reinforced the spiritual atmosphere fitting for the ceremony.

A video of the 2016 blessing was projected after the holy wine ceremony and the blessing ceremony was directly conducted as on satellite guided by the video. The couple’s expression showed they were moved to see True Mother directly officiating by video and hearing the prayer of True Father officiating their blessing.

The sprinkling of the holy water, the affirmation of the blessing vows and the exchange of rings took place simultaneously with the video. After the blessing declaration which culminated the blessing ceremony they all bowed in attendance to True Mother as she left the stage. Two songs were beautifully presented by Kwan Soon Fidele Songo, a second generation.

The blessed couple was guided to take photos and gave a profound impression of the blessing which they had just received. They received warm greetings and hugs of encouragement from every member that was present.

The ceremony was concluded with four enthusiastic shouts of Eok Mansei to celebrate the victory of the ceremony.

The blessed couple was invited to the office of the National Pastor where they did the chastening ceremony, registered for the 40 days separation and received explanation of the 3 days ceremony. They were offered a small A4 sized calendar containing the numbers 1 to 40, the family pledge and the photo of True parents to help them count each day until they complete the holy separation. After the ceremony, they came back to the main hall and shared dinner.

At the end of the event they promised to actively participate in mobilizing clergy couples to attend the Divine Principle lectures, and receive the blessing.


Pastor ABELA NGOA Alain: ‘’We are very happy to know that they are people who love us and with whom we can connect. We are very grateful of our presence here and for all the efforts you made for this moment to be real and concrete for us. My spouse and I heard about you and tried to get closer in order to get a deeper and clearer understanding. I’m a skeptical person so if I’m not sure of something I can’t engage myself. In this milieu we discovered the essence of marriage and the family. We got married four years ago in front of men but today we have the feeling and impression of really getting ‘’married’’ I lack words to express how I feel in this particular moment. Nevertheless, all what I can promise now is to make sure to carry this message to the ends of the world.’’

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