Cambodia: The Third Regional Youth Assembly


Prepared by FFWPU Cambodia

FFWPU/ UPF- Cambodia is organizing Regional Youth Assembly, as one of the project for fulfilling Vision 2020, combining the project with “Peace Road Cambodia 2017”. So far, we have done Regional Youth Assembly at Kampot Provincial Hall, at Kampong Speu Provincial Hall with 60-80 participants for 3 days, studying Divine Principle, True Parents Life Course, and FFWPU/ UPF introduction, and as finale, closing ceremony had done, with 300 -400 participants, main topic with “Pure Love Cambodia”. This is the 3rd Regional Youth Assembly, we have done at capital city Phnom Penh on July 14 to 16, 2017, at FFWPU Cambodia HQ, closing ceremony together with the topic “Pure Love Cambodia”, have done at BELTEI International University with 550 participants. We are planning to do this Regional Youth Assembly (RYA), at 18 Provinces in Cambodia (out of 25 provinces/ 18 Provinces are the provinces, which have state universities). And when we concluded for this RYA in 18 Provinces, as finale, we are going to have “Inauguration of YSP-Cambodia”.

Program for 3 days RYA is the learning Divine Principle Study (Principle of Creation, Human Fall and Principle of Restoration) & True Parents Life Course. Main Lecturers were the Mr. Chamroeun Sophal, National Leader to Cambodia, and Rev. Zhu Xingzhe, Cheon Il Guk Special Youth Envoy to Cambodia. Mainly participants came from three CARP centers, one center invited 54 participants from High School, and the other two CARP centers invited 10 participants through Home Group Activities. (Total 65 participants)  Especially CARP centers, which are doing “Home Group”, are tackling for making not only “Fulltime Members” but also for “Regular/ Home Members”. A center, which invited 54 students from high school, is forming “Pure Love Cambodia” (for the future, we are going to develop this as YSP for submitting Character Education Textbook to the Ministry of Education) as forming “Association Members”. Now this CARP center is tackling to raise this members up to “Regular Member”.

As closing ceremony, we have held at BELTEI international University, which is the biggest private institute in Cambodia. President of BELTEI Institute (BELTEI Institutes has BELTEI International University & BELTEI High School), H.E. Ly Chheng, is the president of Cambodia Higher Education Association (CHEA), which board members are the rectors of 26 biggest private universities’ rectors. He participated YSP Inauguration in Thailand, which has done with True Mother. H.E. Ly Chheng got huge vision from True Mother, this was the foundation that we had closing ceremony, with the program of “Pure Love Cambodia” at his university. H.E. Ouk Damery, Senior Adviser of National Assembly in Cambodia, H.E. Cheong Phet, Under Secretary of Ministry of Rural Development, came as guest speaker as the member of FFWPU, to encourage young people future human resources. Even this is the examination season, BELTEI International University mobilized 200 ESL teachers and 350 ESL students for receiving the education of “Pure Love Cambodia” (all together 650 people) and attending “closing ceremony for RYA Phnom Penh.” H.E. Cheong Phet, in his speech, he testified True Parents as the True Parent, True Teacher and True Owner, and encouraging the students for uniting with UPF/FFWPU which is following up the True Parents’ teaching. H.E. Ouk Damry, Senior Adviser of National Assembly Cambodia, explains how IAPP works effectively for Cambodia society, and explaining, IAPP is the organization for promoting, 1. Family Education (HTM), 2. Youth Education (Pure Love Cambodia) and 3. Good Governance (IAPP)

Regional Youth Assembly is the effective, not only for the project for creating environment of witnessing but also directly be the project for witnessing strategy. RYA has the dual purpose for the witnessing and for creating environment as “3 days Divine Principle Seminar” and “Pure Love Cambodia” RYA for CARP members will be the foundation for the YSP, though this activities we will register to the government  the textbook of “HJ Coach Leader School” as the character education book, and will develop as Academy Foundation. This “HJ Coach Leader School” will teach about 1. Divine Principle/ True Parents Life Course/ 2. Home Group Management/ 3. Coaching, Cambodia society foundation is possible to directly submit our Character Education Curriculum to the government because we have a foundation with educators.

We concluded RYA Phnom Penh with the Launching for Peace Road Cambodia 2017. Peace Road Cambodia, 2017, we are going to ride the bicycle for one round for Cambodia (approximately it will be totally 1,711.8km) as first batch, we will ride the bicycle from Phnom Penh to Battambang (336.8km) for 3 days, it will be Phnom Penh- Odong- Kampong Chhnang- Pursat- Battambang (in Pursat and Battambang, we will do the 1 day conference for Heavenly Tribal Messiah), Externally, Peace Road Cambodia 2017 is, of course to support the completion of International Highway Project, at the same time, this is the Jericho strategy for restoration of Cambodia. We departed Peace Road Cambodia 2017, from BELTEI International University, which is biggest private university in Phnom Penh, then we will conclude in Phnom Penh, when we coming back as one round trip, then we are planning to do YSP Inauguration as national level.

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