Cambodia: Peace Road 2017 (2nd Batch)


Prepared by FFWPU-Cambodia

On August 6, 2017- As the dawn breaks, 2nd Batch Peace Road Cambodia 2017 was held routed from Battambang to different provinces. Spearheaded by Rev. Hajime Saito, Special Envoy to Cambodia, the Peace road team headed to Pailin province early in the morning with their bicycles. They went first to Battambang Holy Ground to offer a prayer for the success of Second Batch of Peace Road. Beforehand, Rev. Hajime Saito reminded all the members that Peace Road is done as a conditional fulfillment of True Parents’ project- International Peace Highway- that connects all over the world. Furthermore, he explained “food produce only in California farm field can feed all the people in the world, yet it cost a lot to deliver these by plane. As a remedy, True Parents started this project so that food delivery by trucks can pass through this international peace highway in a cheaper cost. Centering on this vision, peace road in Cambodia is done. Secondly, riding bicycle investing blood, sweat and tears is considered as a Jericho strategy or a Jeongseong for the victory of every “Directors’ Conference” for Heavenly Tribal Messiah, which will be held in all 25 provinces of Cambodia as a goal before the year ends.” Pailin province is the province border with Thailand. Before we are going for “Directors’ Conference”, we went to the Thailand because “Peace Road Cambodia 2017” is the project to support for “International Peace Highway” project.

Pailin Province Directors Conference

Aug 7, A Director’s Conference in Pailin Provincial Hall was held in the presence of H.E. Keourt Sotheal, the provincial governor of Pailin Province escorted by Hang Meas, one of the well-known TV station in Cambodia which covered the whole day event, provincial government officials, teachers and more than two hundred students from nearby universities. Rev. Hajime Saito, delivered his speech where he address that UPF is there to support the provincial government in educating the youth, family and even the matters on good governance. He also shared how inspired he was having seen young people undergoing 120 days Tong- Il Moo Do Martial Arts workshop in Philippines, who completely transformed their thinking, their conducts and adopt a discipline way life by the influence of martial arts. “This is UPF’S one main project in Cambodia” declared he, while encouraging the crowd of government officials to use martial arts to educate young people of the country. He added, “We want to capture these young people and transform their lives through Tong Il Moo Do training so that they can be more productive citizens and participate in the nation-building”. The governor of the province who stayed until the end of the program expressed his gratitude by posting photos in his facebook account in which he captioned, “Today, I join the conference regarding the Role of Youth to become the leader for building family, society, nation and peace. The event was organized by UPF-Cambodia; with the keynote speaker Mr. Hajime Saito Director of UPF-Indochina and many officers from different departments of Pailin province had attended the seminar.” As the governor himself showed his pleasure to introduce UPF, leaders and members of UPF-Cambodia can see a silver lining to restore the province as early as possible.

A Route to Banteay Meanchey

Before the sun rises, the peace bikers team continue cycling kilometers from Pailin to Banteay Meanchey province. It was a whole morning shedding sweat and another Director’s Conference was held in the provincial Hall. This time, the presence of H.E. Gov. Soun Bovor, and headed by UYFC-BMC Representative, Sreng Sophol, more or less 300 members of the Union of Youth Federation in Cambodia (UYFC), filled up the conference hall. Rev. Hajime Saito delivered the same speech explaining the ultimate purpose of peace road and highlighting the promotion of Tong-Il Moo Do Martial Arts the means for educating young people to live a discipline way of life. H.E Cheong Phet, who followed the all the “Directors’ Conferences” for Heavenly Tribal Messiah without fail again delivered his message testifying True Parents’ vision of World Peace and hope for young people. The governor was very inspired to hear that peace bikers shed blood and sweat riding bicycle in order to reach the province. After the event he personally requested to take photos together with the peace road team and likewise posted photos in his facebook account right after the conference on that very day.

First Directors’ Conference in Siem Reap

After passing a night in Banteay Meanchey, a new inch of determination sprouts for the peace bikers team to journey 127.7 km from Banteay Meanchey province until Siem Reap City. That was not only the long distance but a journey of embracing the heat of the sun at daytime and being soak with heavy rain in the evening as they reach the city. The next morning, another Director Conference was held at the City Hall as a stepping stone of UPF- Cambodia to link with Siem Reap city government. Rev. Hajime Saito, presented to 30 government officials and UYFC-representatives the parallelism of Cambodia’s history and world history in the providential perspective. This time, the Deputy Governor, H.E. Pin Brakoth, attended in behalf of the city governor. In his speech, he promise to work together with and support UPF-Cambodia to execute its future plans and projects for the welfare of the city.

New Providence in Kampong Thom

Kampong Thom is 234.8 km away from Siem Reap. Peace Biker had 1 night 2 days trip to Siem Reap. Since Siem Reap, CARP members from Phnom Penh joined our Peace Road, become 17 peace bikers. As we have done all the “Directors’ Conference” for Heavenly Tribal Messiah at Provincial Hall, Kampong Thom’s directors’ conference had held at provincial hall with the presence of H.E. Nguon Socheat, Deputy Governor. Whether this is the first time for us to held directors’ conference in Kampong Thom province but many of department directors in the provincial hall, district leaders, used to attend 3 days Divine Principle Seminar. We have the foundation in here. Deputy Governor shows his determination to work with our UPF team to make better province in Kampong Thom. Geographically, Kampong Thom province is the big province in Cambodia and it located on the way to go the Siem Reap and Preah Vihear, which is the biggest tourist spot in Cambodia, when Kampong Thom becomes the model for model and ethic, people in all over the world will come to Kampong Thom not only to see the historical heritage but also for the people as the model of moral and ethic.

In order to restore a nation we cannot just sit idle, rather we should be in the frontline and tirelessly act on our vision and goals. Connecting borders that separates the cities, provinces, and districts in Cambodia having the heart to surmount the watills that divide nations around the world, peace road team will continue the course from Phnom Penh to the south (Phnom Penh- Takeo- Kep- Kampot- Ha Tien (Vietnam) -Preah Sihanuke- Kampong Speu- Kandal- Phnom Penh) to conduct more “Directors’ Conferences” for Heavenly Tribal Messiah to educate the government leaders and to share True Parents’ vision of Peace and Harmony throughout the nation. For this Second Batch of Peace Road Cambodia 2017, we ran 848.7km, and total from 1st batch and 2nd batch Peace Road Cambodia 2017, were the 1185.5km.

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