Cambodia: Peace Road 2017 (1st Batch)


Prepared UPF Cambodia

This year for our Peace Road event, we are going to ride bicycle totally 1,814.3km (1st batch: 336.8km +2nd batch 848.7km+ 3rd: 628.8km) around Cambodia. As long as Peace Road is the project for supporting “International Peace Highway Project”, with the vision to connect the world into one transport network and to end the various problems those cause disputes and conflicts, our route to run would be based on Asian Highway which is based on “International Peace Highway Project”.

Our routes are national road No.5 (Phnom Penh- Oudong- Kampong Chhnang-Battambang), National Road No.57 (Battambang- Pailin- Thailand Border- Pailin- Battambang), National Road No. 6 (Battambang- Bantey Meanchay- Siem Reap- Stung- Kampong Thom- Skun- Phnom Penh), National Road No. 2 (Phnom Penh- Takeo), National Road No.3 (Takeo- Kep- Kampot), National Road No. 4 (Kampot- Preah Sihanuke- Kampong Speu – Phnom Penh) and National Road No. 1 (Phnom Penh- Takmao- Phnom Penh). And as long as this is the Peace Road, where we stop, we are doing Peace Seminar. We are planning to do 12 times Peace Seminars as the project for Peace Road Cambodia 2017.

Launching ceremony has held at BELTEI University, one of the biggest institutes in Cambodia with 650 participants on July 16th 2017. H.E. Ouk Damry from National Assembly, H.E. Chong Phet, from Ministry and H.E. Ly Chheng, President of BELTEI Institutes initiated the launching ceremony of Peace Road Cambodia 2017. H.E. Ouk Damry spoke the vision of True Parents and True Parents work for the sake of the Cambodia and the world. H.E. Chong Phet mentioned about the Three Great Blessing as the vision of Father Moon and Mother Moon as founder of UPF/FFWPU. Conclusion was unity of mind and body through Peace Road, Family Happiness through Peace Road, to realize World Peace through Peace Road. Mr. Hajime Saito, Director of UPF-Indochina gives the presentation “Let’s Become Leader of Peace”, Introducing the Peace Philosophy of True Parents, Ideal Family Building Starts from Absolute Sex. At the end of the Seminar we launched Peace Road Cambodia 2017. Seven Peace Roader departed from Phnom Penh at 2:00pm after launching ceremony at BETLEI University to Odong, (which was the royal residence and Cambodia’s capital more than 250 years till 1866), to Kampong Chhnang City (which is the capital of Kampong Chhnang Province, one of the central provinces of Cambodia. The name translates from Cambodian literally to Port of Pottery).  On 16th, total distance of route was 101.5km. (44.7km from Phnom Penh to Odong, 56.8km from Odong to Kampong Chhnang City)

Following morning, on 17th July, Peace Roaders departed from Kampong Chhnang City to Pursat City (which is the capital of Pursat Province, located in the western part of the Cambodia and borders clockwise from the north with Battambang Province. Pursat is home to Wat Bakan, considered to be among the oldest active pagodas in Cambodia and revered as one of the most holy sites of Cambodian Buddhism) Total distance of route was 118.8km. Peace Roader offers their devotion at the holy ground of Kampong Chhnang City, then continued their route to Pursat City. On 17th, afternoon at Pursat Provincial Hall, we have held Peace Seminar: “Directors’ Conference” as the part of Peace Road Cambodia 2017 program with 185 participants. Originally “Directors’ Conference” is the conference for Heavenly Tribal Messiah, but in this time, we added the Peace Road as the part of “Directors’ Conference with the presence of Deputy Governor, H.E. Cheng Lay.

18th July, Five Peace Roaders from Phnom Penh took over their mission to ten Peace Roaders from Battambang. (Two Peace Roader continued their mission to Battambang). 18th July’s route is from Pursat City to Battambang City for 116.5km. All of 17 Peace Roader offers their devotion at the holy ground at the Pursat. (Sompov Meas Island). Pursat Province has one of the successful Heavenly Tribal Messiah Area at Bakan District. This was the good time for us, and probably for them, to see each other as Blessed Family for joining the True Parents’ work. Battambang City has some foundations for FFWPU/UPF. We have held several seminars for youth in Battambang City together with Korean CARP students. (Korean CARP students came for short oversea missionary training in Battambang at the same period of the Peace Road Cambodia) Youth seminar was at University of Battambang (UBB), International University (IU), University of Management and Economic (UME) and Battambang Provincial Hall. Seminar at UME with Korean CARP students, CARP President Rev. Sang Pil Moon gave the inspired speech at the presence of Vice Rector of UME.  Battambang Provincial Hall’s youth seminar, was the presence of Deputy Governor H.E. Goung Rathanak and H.E. Chong Phet, who is the one of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah victor in Bantey Meanchay Province. (Neighbor province)

In 2011, under our Continental Director Dr. Chung Sik Yong’s guidance, we made holy ground in every 25 provinces of Cambodia. In 2016, Dr. Yong himself visited 25 provinces in Cambodia, in order to make spiritual foundation for national restoration. We consider Peace Road Cambodia 2017 will be the completion stage of formation level. Externally Peace Road 2017 is the project for Unification North and South Korea and International Peace Highway Project. At the same time, internally Peace Road Cambodia 2017 is the Jericho Strategy for fulfilling Vision 2020. Each time, when we stop for the Peace Road, we are going to do the Peace Seminar. We already have done at Phnom Penh, Pursat and Battambang. We are going to have Peace Seminar, whether that is “Directors Conference” for HTM or “Youth Seminar” for Pure Love, at Pailin, Siem Reap, Bantey Meanchay, Kampong Thom, Takeo, Kep, Kampot, Preah Sihanuke and Kampong Speu. All together we are going to have 12 Peace Seminar. We want to make Peace Road Cambodia 2017 for the foundation of inauguration of YSP Cambodia.

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