Cambodia: Hyo Jeong Coach Leader School with Power of Trinity as Home Group


A Challenge for CARP Members to Fulfill the Mission of Heavenly Tribal Messiah


By Iris B. Regalado, FFWPU Cambodia

On July 28 to 30,2017, a three day seminar about establishing an HJ Leader school was held at Battambang Center, Battambang Province, Cambodia. The seminar was presided by the Regional Adviser on Education of Asia, Professor Young Hwan Gil, and attended by all 30 core members of FFWPU Cambodia. We have done this workshop as the purpose to challenge for CARP members to fulfill the mission of Heavenly Tribal Messiah. Honestly, our Cambodia CARP has some issue, that many students came to our movement but at the same time so many students after graduation, they would leave center/ and our movement. Professor Gil analyzed this phenomena happened because we have too much full time oriented witnessing but we didn’t take care well our members after all. True Parents emphasis about the importance of trinity. Trinity is the basic unite of society, that those three people/ three families really united each other. The seminar aims to encourage all the core leaders to construct a clear mission statement for their mission fields- what they want to have, what they want to do and what they want to become-, and be able to substantiate it before year 2017 ends. Moreover he said, “Building trinities is the first step to pioneer an HJ Coach Leader School.”

On the second day, following, Prof. Gil’s guidance, both members from two large areas of the nation, Phnom Penh and Battambang, immediately form their own trinities. He explain further that from the Mother Trinity must spring forth 4 more children trinities from each of the 3 members of the Mother trinity which will be equal to 12 members and these number shall give birth to a new center. The children trinities must then undergo, from 1st until 3rd semester of leader school provided by an appropriate textbooks for their education.  On the third day members with their trinities went into serious discussion about constructing their mission statements and sharing their ideas on how to realize their vision, shortly by the end of the year. Looking forward, Rev. Hajime Saito, Special Envoy to Cambodia again reminded everyone that the goal is to pioneer centers in all 25 provinces in Cambodia in order to restore the nation by 2020. In one morning Hoon Dok Hae, he quoted Father’s words, “When we are united with the 10 times increasing campaign for 4 years in order to prepare for election, we will be able to have our own president.” In order to become the president of a nation we must create our own people. “This workshop has awakened my dream of becoming a member of parliament. In the next 10 years, you will see, I will become an Excellency! But without home group I think my dream will still be a dream!” seconded by the very inspired Mr. Hut Hen, Director of UPF- North Cambodia. With the Trinity pattern, center leaders too were determined to expand their membership in their areas of responsibility. Even young center members showed their determination to become home group leaders in the next 21 days and eventually center leaders within this year.

Now, our goal and responsibilities has been clear. Phnom Penh capital shall be restored with the support of Mother Trinities, assigned to pioneer nearby provinces, under the leadership of National Leader, Mr. Chamroeun Sophal, who says “I feel it is the revolution for our movement to promote, expand silently but strongly and powerfully. The seminar feels like the medicine to cure us from the sickness and bring us medicine to cure others. I hope we can fulfil our Beloved True Parents Vision 2020.” On one hand, the restoration of North- Cambodia under the leadership of UPF Director, Mr. Hut Hen who with the support of fulltime students, blessed families, school directors and in cooperation with government officials in the region. Not long after, on the 4th of August, in the Provincial Teachers Training Center (PTTC), Mr. Hut Hen spoke in front of 140 student teachers about the leader school and clear about their dreams–what they want to have, what they want to do and what they want to become. The student teachers shared their dreams for their society, nations and the seminar went through with promising words and harmonious interactions. Phnom Penh CARP has continuous discussion for transforming the culture of evil mind to improve the culture of original mind for the CARP Center. According to the discussion, Phnom Penh HJ Coaching Center decided as mission statement “To become the True Parent, True Teacher and True Owner by centering on character-development leadership training with the culture of loving, serving and sharing, and multiply 5 HJ coaching centers with 60 HJ Leaders by the end of 2017.” To challenge HJ Coaching Center, to be a model center as CARP Center in Phnom Penh.

With united efforts of all leaders, members, and missionaries in Cambodia, HJ Coach Leader School or pioneering centers shall be established in all 25 provinces which will become the center of pure love education and propagate True Parents’ teachings and tradition. From this school, Cambodia providence envision as well, to see future Pure love and Divine Principle lecturers and citizens who can  fulfill the duty of becoming filial sons and daughters of Heavenly Parent and True Parents. In realizing this goal, there are still unlimited strategies that members shall discover along the way and we can only recognize that heaven is guiding us when we walk with our vision. The providence of Cambodia as a strategic nation will continue to flourish through eternity. Thank you for trusting us! Glory be to Heavenly Parents and True Parents!

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