Cambodia: “Director’s Conference” for Heavenly Tribal Messiah


Prepared by FFWPU Cambodia

Series of “Director’s Conference” is the strategy for Heavenly Tribal Messiah & Pure Love Cambodia as beginning step. “Director’s Conference” is the conference to educate the leader for those community. Directors for each department in the provincial hall, district leaders and NGO directors for those NGO works in that area as their mission field. Based on “Director’s Conference”, we will let them to go down to their area for educating their people for “Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony”. Cambodian administration system is Province- District- Commune- Village. “Director’s Conference” is the conference for Heavenly Tribal Messiah for Provincial and District level. So far, out of 25 provinces, we have done 5 provinces (Battambang, Bantey Meanchay, Kampot, Kep and Kompong Speu), then this is the 6th provinces.

Pursat Province is located in the western part of country and borders clockwise from the north with Battambang Province, the Tonle Sap, Kampong Chhnang Province, Kampong Speu Province, Koh Kong Province and Thailand. The Pursat River bisects the province, running from the Cardamoms in the west to the Tonle Sap in the east. The fourth largest province of Cambodia in area, but Pursat ranks only 14th in population. Pursat is home of Wat Bakan, considered to be among the oldest active pagodas in Cambodia and revered as one of the most holy sites of Cambodian Buddhism. Bakan district is one of our most active HTM area. As long as Battambang is one of our strong foundation, as neighbor province, we have several members in Pursat. We could do this directors’ conference with this foundation.

This is the first “Director’s Conference” in Pursat Province was held in Pursat Provincial Hall on July 17, 2017, with 185 people with each Department Directors from Provincial Hall, District Leaders (Pursat has 6 districts, and all district leaders has already got 3 days Divine Principle Education), NGO Directors, Commune Leaders from neighbor commune and universities’ students. (We announce to the provincial hall that we will have the “Pure Love Education”, that’s why Education Department mobilized students from university/ Education Department Director is our Association Member) Chair Person from Provincial Hall was H.E. Cheng Lay, Deputy Governor of Pursat Provincial Hall. From Ambassadors for Peace representative from Phnom Penh, H.E. Ouk Damry, Senior Adviser of National Assembly Cambodia and H.E. Chong Phet, Under Secretary of Ministry of Rural Development attended together with Mr. Chamroeun Sophal, National Director of FFWPU-Cambodia.

H.E. Ouk Damry told in his speech, that importance to work with FFWPU to strengthen for Family Value and Youth Education. Especially he mentions about the Cambodian youth situation right now, and encourage for Pursat provincial hall to work together with UPF/ FFWPU for protection for young people. H.E. Ouk Damry was not only as Member of Parliament but also he used to work as vice president of Cambodia Red Cross. His Red Cross works remain his name famous and respected by the people especially from the provinces. He took the good role as John the Baptist. H.E. Chong Phet mentions that the vision of UPF/FFWPU is the Three Great Blessing. In order to fulfill three great blessing, UPF/FFWPU has the project for Youth Education (for fulfilling individual perfection), Family Education (for fulfilling family perfection) and Good Governance Education (for fulfilling perfection of dominion). Additionally he mentioned that only to follow for Father and Mother Moon teaching is to save the nation of Cambodia. He used to work as Deputy Governor of Bantey Meanchay Province, which located a same North West Cambodia region as Pursat Province. Last year, he promoted his position as under secretary of Rural Development. According to the Cambodia protocol, when he goes to the province, his position become same position as Provincial Governor. He considered this position was given by True Parents in order to encourage Cambodian people to work for Heavenly Tribal Messiah. Mr. Hajime Saito, Director of Indochina Sub-Region, gives the lecture of “Pure Love Cambodia”. He encourage the people in Pursat province, to use the quote from True Parents Speech, “The day Pursat becomes the holy city of pure and true love will be the day when the entire world will respect and love the Kingdom of Cambodia. (Nov. 30, 1997, Washington DC, United States)”

H.E. Cheng Lay, Deputy Governor of Pursat Province, concluded this “Director’s Conference” as the chair person this day. He used to attend our 3 days Divine Principle Conference, Asian Leadership Conference (ALC) in Bangkok. So in his mind, he is already the member of FFWPU and he wants to become the chair person for UPF- Pursat that he wants to take responsible for Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony and Home Group. (Even he doesn’t know clear what is Home Group but H.E. Chong Phet told him, that there is no Home Group, there is no meaning of Blessing.) He gave the very long speech because he explained all his inspiration from the Divine Principle lecture. (Starting from Dual Purpose Principle as Absolute Sex till who is the True Parents for all humankind) He wants to show to the all the leaders in Pursat provincial hall to say that he will absolutely support True Parents.

This series of “Directors’ Conference” especially in this period, is the one of the including project for Peace Road Cambodia 2017.  Peace Roaders (most of them are the CARP Center Leaders and Sub-Leaders including Indochina Leaders) came from Phnom Penh to Pursat Province to ride the bicycle for 219.5km. We pray at the holy ground in Pursat Province and we have held “Directors Conference” in Pursat Province. Peace Roaders continued to ride the bicycle till Battambang Province for 116.5 km. We stop at Battambang Province to do the Youth Seminars. (FFWPU-Battambang has the firm foundation as our membership) This can be possible because Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Regional Group Chairman of Asian Pacific, have done 25 provinces tour for national restoration of Cambodia. Dr. Yong’s national tour was the formation stage for fulfilling the Vision 2020. Peace Road 2017 is the growth stage for fulfilling the Vision 2020. Peace Road 2017, we will ride the bicycle one round of Kingdom of Cambodia. This is our Jericho strategy.

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