Brazil: The Grow Group

Amor em forma de ação - Grow Group


Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

A youth group with 14 very potential second generation and Jacob’s Child – had finalized a 10-day donation campaign focused on raising non-perishable food for blessed families that are going through difficult times.

The campaign was very successful and has reached more than 1000 kg of donations! Those nonperishable foods were separated into 54 food baskets prepared with lots of love.

On Saturday, August 12th, a mobilization with all the members of the Grow Group and its staff went in 6 different cars, at the same time, to delivery those baskets for 40 blessed families! A great opportunity for the members of Grow Group to develop a heart of service and devotion towards those blessed families that have already contribute so much for True Parents’ providence! Holy songs were singing, words of gratitude were spoken and many tears were part of this wonderful initiative!

May our Heavenly Parents bless the Grow Group and our brothers and sisters around the world that are going through some troublesome moments. May the example of True Parents in living for the sake of others inspire us on a daily basis to continue those initiatives and help us to nurture a heart of service and tradition!

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