Brazil: Grow Group Program

Grow Group Flash Back Best Moments


Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

From July 2, 2017, we have started the Grow Group programs, which is for the youth group focused on developing talented young people among Second Generation and Jacob’s, enhancing their skills and capabilities from an internal and external perspective

During the 4 first meetings, “God’s heart, True Parents Tradition and The Way of a Filial Piety Son/Daughter were the core themes of their training. It all culminate in a powerful event named “THE PARENTS AND SON/DAUGHTER RELATIONSHIP”, held on August 6th at Santo Amaro’s church.

The event was focused on strengthening the relationship between the 14 young people part of the Grow Group and their parents, as a critical action to protect our blessed families. The agenda was thoughtful build so participants could open up their hearts and minds, demonstrate appreciation, gratitude and love towards each other.

Memories were shared, as well many tears as their hearts were brought closer. The atmosphere of the event was highly touching and truly special as the families committed for a new beginning, a new trajectory where True Parent’s tradition accompany with transparent conversations and affection demonstrations will now be part of their day by day.

We are certain that our Heavenly Parents and True Parents were part of this event as there was a unity of heart centered on them!

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