Berlin Rally: Reflections from Albanian Participants

30 Year Anniversary of G-CARP Rally against the Berlin Wall


Prepared by FFWPU Albania

Juljan Bradasheshi: When I got the news of going to Germany I felt very happy, because it was my first time to go out of Albania in a country of Europe, and especially the reason why I was going out of Albania was so important. In the bus, I thought a lot about what I want to understand or feel and during my 43 hours journey I started to feel True Parents’ Providence in Europe. Since I come from a former communist country under which my grandparents and my parents have suffered, I feel so grateful to these brothers and sisters who worked so hard and risked their lives to eliminate communism. Then when we arrived at the hotel, the first day was a day filled with emotions. Starting from the determination of the youth CARP and closing with the beautiful performances. During this time, I felt only love from the Lord as if He was embracing me during all the time. While brothers and sister were sharing their experiences about the course they had to walk, I could only cry and in the same time I wanted to be strong. I did feel so much love.

Another reason why I wanted to go to Germany was to feel the spirit of Europe and in fact I felt very strongly that we could be even more united and closer to each other. As I looked at brothers and sisters who had marched for the will of God, I felt as if I have been there with them. When I saw Hyo Jin Nim leading the march I realized that what he was telling the world was love and just love. When I heard Yeon Ah Nim talking I felt that True Parents love for Europe and the trust which True Mother put in us. I also feel blessed of having the opportunity to speak with one of the True Children. I shared with him so normally and this was amazing experiences for me. On the second day, I was so much touched. I felt victory and much love buy Heavenly Parent. On the way back to Albania I was thinking about how we can connect even more to Europe because we are young people who need more the support of brothers and sisters who have more experiences in the life of faith. Now I’m thinking how to destroy the walls in our heart and peoples!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your heart revolution.

Tanushe: When I was told that I can join an European Carp meeting, I was really excited. I was thinking “dear GOD am I worth receiving that much”? Actually, we departed on the 3rd August in the morning and travelled for about 44 hours. It was nice sharing in the bus with brothers and sister and in my mind, I was thinking about True Father’s life, how he could travel a lot, how could he resist staying too many hours sitting? Back and leg pain did he have? Father I’m so sorry that I cannot understand your heart, I am truly sorry for my insensitive heart. After that, we went at “MELIA” hotel where the meeting was held. I wanted to know Europe spirit and it surprised me. Hearing their testimonies made me burst into tears. Dear God, where did you find such crazy people who love You so much? I REALLY didn’t know about the activities they did, about the newspaper and shouting for peace while keeping You in their heart. Since than I have been wondering how can I find that absolute faith in You dear God. Faithfull people can do such things. And after two years they brought victory to Heaven. Since then, the time has changed, we need to change method also. In the situation which Albania is now, we need heroes, heroes of heart. We need good social workers too. Untill 2020 we need to develop Albania economy, because people can’t think of peace if they don’t have to eat in daily life. That’s why I am really trying hard at university. I do study philosophy, which it helps me a lot to understand the principle. So what I learned from Germany is that we need good, active, smart, kind students who can break internal walls of the society. I am just still very young and I have faced many difficulties, but when I think about what True Parents went through, then my difficulties are nothing. What I wanted to do exactly after Berlin meeting was crying out loud saying to God: “My dear God, let me handle some, give me some of your pain, so you can feel relieved a bit. I promise I will support True Parents’ heart till I pass to Spiritual World. I stand for a better Albania, I Stand for a better EUROPE.

Griselda Shehu: First, I want to thank Heavenly Parent for this opportunity and the main feeling during all the time was that God’s love for us is limitless, for every single one of us, no matter where we are, or how we look, or what position do we have. And the same is True Parents’ love for us.

My experience in Berlin was so great, I really enjoyed it and in the same time I learned a lot of things. Old CARP members (30 years ago) really warmed my heart with their sharing. What they did was truly amazing and touched me so much, also it made me reflect if I could do the same, if I have that kind of strength in my heart to do something like that. I had the lucky chance to meet a woman who was there at that time and she gave me a lot of inspiration. Seeing her and the other members who protested against the wall, I learned what means to be a hero. A hero is the one who fights for the common good, someone who fights against the borders and the wrong mindset… and they did it all and more.

There is no need to say how amazing is what True Children did then and are doing now, what I reflected was how huge their responsibility is and how I can support them, because before this meeting I thought only about the support that True Parents need to realize Heavenly Parents will.

Another thing that really amazed me was seeing the whole world in one room. I was feeling that I was in the middle of all humans that have existed and the ones that will. And the way that leadership changed was so heavenly, I had never seen that. Usually people fight over positions, but there everything happened so naturally, how it should always been.

Also meeting some people after long time and hearing their sharing was so nice, I never thought that I would be that happy hearing how they have changed for the better. It gave me so much joy. I learned that to be a CARP member means to be determined, to be great, to be cool, to be so so joyful and to always be true in heart.

Kazumi Kawakubo: We went to Germany from August 3 to 7 for attending the event of 30th Anniversary of the Berlin CARP Rally. It was first time for me go to Germany, and I was very excited to attend this event. During the 44 hours trip, I set up internal goal about this event. “I want to feel Heavenly Parent’s heart about Berlin Wall and see this event from viewpoint of Heavenly Parent”. Actually, it was hard for me to understand all testimony because of my limited English, but I could feel the heart of members who had joined CARP Rally 30 years ago. I didn’t know before about this event that happened 30 years ago, but now I could understand how much important that rally was. I understood that fall of Berlin wall is very important and providential. This shows that communism was defeated by true love and not only from politics. I want to say thanks to Heavenly Parent and True Parents for allowing me to attended this event. Thank you so much.

Emiljano Kulla: During this time, I am reading and translating the book “Mission Butterfly” in Albanian language and for me it was amazing, and emotional watching live our family members of that time. I could feel a really high atmosphere in hall and tears of gratefulness start falling in every testimony of my older brothers and sisters. True Father say that after communism our enemy is evil sociality and I really felt that my generation have to win against this. I have to develop my ability and talent and offer it to God. I am deeply grateful, thank you.

Kenji Kawashima: First of all, I am grateful from bottom of my heart to God for giving me this precious experience. Originally, my mission in Albania finished last June. But I was determined to continue this mission for a second year and then it happened that I could visit Berlin. I’m so happy to continue my mission. Through this event, I think what God wanted to teach me was “To be like Hyo Jin Nim.”

If a person was born in Korea, it is natural for this person to hope and invest in uniting the mother nation. But, Hyo Jin Nim visited Berlin and prayed with tears for its unity. So, I want to be missionary who can pray with tears for Albania. Besides I could meet many senior members who were in Berlin at that time, 1987. There were some Japanese members, so I could talk with them in Japanese and know deeply about Berlin. It was so precious moment.

Lastly, I’m so thankful for Albanian core member for their investment this time. They must be tired but they didn’t show that, instead they continued to invest for us. Every time I saw their attitude, it felt so nice. Once again, I’m very thankful for God to give me this opportunity.

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