Belgium: Peace Road 2017


By Hugo Veracx

On August 20, 2017, Several brothers and sisters gathered at the Atomium, the main attraction of the 1958 World Exhibition in Brussels, Belgium. It symbolizes an elementary iron crystal enlarged 165 billion times. At the world exhibition, the first held after WW2, there was a strong will to safeguard peace among all nations. People had an optimistic vision of the future, fo a better life for mankind, thanks to the progress made in science and technology, and the peaceful use of atomic energy for scientific purposes.  This is in tune with True Father’s vision for the Peace Road.  For that reason, we found the Atomium would be a good starting point for the Peace Road Rally.

The inaugural address was given by Hugo Veracx, while several tourists lent a listening ear. He made a comparison between the Peace Road rally now and the rally in Berlin against the Berlin Wall 30 years ago. Just as nobody at that time could believe that the Berlin Wall would once disappear, also now we cannot believe that one day all nations will be connected and world peace will be secured. However, we must never forsake that faith. We are particularly concerned about the situation of North and South Korea.  Here too we should keep faith in a peaceful reunification. This rally is an expression of our faith, which is the hope of all humankind.

From the Atomium we walked through the vast parkland to the Holy Ground, inaugurated by True Father in 1968. Even Ayako Todoriki, our 89-year-old Grand Mother, walked the whole way with us.

At the Holy Ground we sang, prayed and shouted Og Mansei with conviction. For all participants it was an uplifting, joyful and moving experience at the Holy Ground.

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