Austrian 7-Day Divine Principle CARP Workshop


By Akio Friesacher, CARP Austria

From July 17 to 23, 2017 Austrian CARP held a 7 Day Divine Principle Workshop in Gaflenz, Austria. It was the first 7 Day Divine Principle Workshop we held since many years. Our intention was to bring the young people of Austria together, to come closer in heart and to experience the value of the Principle. The Motto of this Workshop was “The change starts within my heart”, which expresses that we might wish to see world peace, but first, peace starts inside of me. Therefore, the workshop has put a special emphasis on the growth of the heart.

In total, there were 28 people actively involved in the workshop. 15 of them were participants, including two guests. We had the honor to host two 1st Gen and one 2nd Gen lecturer as well as 4 STF-members who supported us in many fields. Bogdan Pammer and Elisabeth Cook taught most of the Divine lectures, and Wolfgang Czerny taught on the last 2 days, including a testimony about his Matching and Blessing and about Blessed Family Life. We also heard a Matching testimony from David & Kuni Wurzer, a 2nd gen couple. On one evening Martine Masner, European Witnessing Coordinator visited the workshop and gave a testimony about how she joined the movement. It was specially inspiring for the guests who could identify with some aspects of her life.

Besides lectures, which covered the whole Principle, we had time for discussions, testimonies, sports, games, a camp fire, an outing in a neighboring city, a prayer evening, a family evening, and activities which were connected to the topic of the lectures.

Personally, I was very moved to see people growing during the WS. One participant who was shy at the beginning could open up and be freer to share in the end. Another person wrote in his reflection that he could grow by overcoming his concepts he had of other people.

Here are some reflections of the participants:

  • I was most inspired by the Principle of Creation, because the 3 Blessings is the part that I like the most. For this I am most grateful to our Heavenly Parents. And that is one of the reasons why it is worth it to live a good life”
  • I could build a better relationship with our church and God again. Hopefully I can be more active and not fall back into my old habits.”
  • I could develop my heart through the evening prayer. But also through the love and joy, which my brothers and sisters shared with me, my heart could grow.”

We hope to be an inspiration for our European brothers and sisters and looking forward seeing you at our next workshop.

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