Austria: Devotions for Peace

By Alfred Waldmann, FFWPU Austria

The bell of the Peace Chapel, a place of worship for people of different religious backgrounds, was ringing on this splendid Sunday morning on the Karawanken Mountains near the border to Slovenia. Around 10 o´clock people from both countries started to gather for a memorable peace event, sharing prayers, testimonies, songs and sacred texts for peace in three languages: German, English and Slovenian language.

Organized by the Family Federation for World Peace Carinthia, this annual event is attracting people from different spiritual backgrounds. This time many members from the Organic Christian Community attended this devotional service. Four of their core members had been participating in the life broadcast event “Peace starts with me” in Madison Square Garden, New York, just eight days before and inspired by the deep content of Mother Moons main address, they invited other members from their congregation.

Following the first part of the event time came for snacks and drinks and then the one and a half hour peace walk started crossing the green border with Slovenia and heading towards Sveta Ana, a mountain village. There were further opportunities for sharing testimonies and singing international with some Slovenian inhabitants of the village joining in too.

It surely has been a day of devotion for peace beyond denominations and nationalities.

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