Australia: 2017 Blessed Children Winter Workshop


By William Saver FFWPU Australia

On the 10th -14th of July 2017 the high school blessed children winter workshop took place at Ingleside Scouts camp located on the edge of the rugged yet serene Kuringai Chase national park. It was a great turn out with 19 enthusiastic participants and 6 staff members from across 4 states gathering at the workshop. The workshop consisted of a combination of internal guidance, discussions, relationship building activities and outdoor recreational activities.

This workshop’s internal theme was “faith in life”. The education at the workshop was aimed at helping participants understand what it really means to live a life of faith. That is, faith should not be a stand a lone aspect of our life, separate from other areas of our life, but rather it should be integrated into almost every aspect of our lives. Participants were given practical guidance on how they can develop their faith including their connection with God and True Parents. Participants were also given opportunities to further their understanding of the guidance through frequent group discussions facilitated by the elder 2nd gen team leaders.

Participants were encouraged to develop genuine, caring, and supportive connections and friendships with one another through various sharing and team building activities. On the second day of the workshop the participants were involved in a challenge afternoon, which consisted of various tasks including a low ropes course, painting of mugs, hut building, tug of war and an intense physical challenge. Each task was carefully designed to test an aspect of the individual and team. Many participants attested to the lessons they were able to learn through partaking in such activities and the rich experiences that led them to feel both empowered as individuals, and connected to one another.

Another highlight of the workshop for many was the prayer evening, which began with a song session to set the mood and intention for the evening, followed by a pensive candle lit walk to the outdoor chapel located within the camp grounds where the participants gathered to pray as a group and in unison. Numerous participants shared that they had moving experiences during this evening in their workshop reflections.

In addition to quality education and moving experiences participants also had a lot of fun thanks to the fun sports sessions, the outdoor recreational activities such as hiking through the national park, mini games, singing, skit preparation, skit performing and ample free time to enjoy one another’s company.

It is safe to say that everyone involved in the workshop took something very meaningful and valuable from this fantastic workshop.

Thank you for all those individuals involved in organizing and running this meaningful event. Such a rich experience would not have been possible without the hard work, dedication, and cooperation of the workshop coordinator Rachel Ledesma, in addition to the team of auxiliary ASGI and workshop staff members and team leaders, who in their own way made a valuable contribution. Thank you to each one of the participants who all brought such a great attitude and of course let us appreciate the support of the ever present, ever supporting, ever loving heavenly parent.

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