30 Year Anniversary of G-CARP Rally against the Berlin Wall


By Claus Dubisz, CARP Germany

400 participants from all over Europe, including 30 elder G-CARP Veterans, European STF, a coach full of 40 young and bright Albanians, another bus from France, and many more young and elder European CARP members – they all met together in Berlin for a significant event: the “30 year anniversary of the G-CARP Rally against the Berlin Wall”. As special guests, we could greet Yeon-Ah Moon and two of her sons.

On 5 August, in the Melia Hotel in the middle of former East-Berlin, G-CARP President Hyoman Noguchi, as well as American and European CARP leaders, greeted the audience in the jam-packed hall. Also, the key organizers in Berlin – Achim Pock, Mathias Monzebe and Bernd Flieger – were introduced.

Moderator Christian Hausmann (UPF- Germany) then gave the podium to CARP Veteran Claus Dubisz, who explained in a one-hour multimedia presentation the events of the 4. CARP Convention of World students in Berlin 1987 within its historical context; starting in 1975, when True Father installed the mission of Victory over Communism in Germany, until the end of the Cold War. This Convention, under the strong leadership of the then European CARP Leader Mr. Kwang Kee Sa, and especially the rally at the Berlin Wall, was truly a milestone in God’s providence to defeat communism worldwide, in Europe and in Germany: “Die Mauer muss weg – The wall must go”.

The presentation was supplemented by testimonies of elder CARP brothers and sisters; bringing light to the spiritual work of Heung Jin Nim behind the scenes (by Miriam Spiegl incl. a letter from Faith Jones), the role of self-defense Wonhwa- Do (by Shoji Aono) and the history of our music team Blue Tuna (by Tom Pritty and Brian Granstrom). German FFWPU leader Dieter Schmidt shared about Hyo Jin Nims leadership role at the rally as True Parent’s representative, and Dr Michael Balcomb testified about the sensitive heart of Hyo Jin Nim towards the members.

For many young participants from Germany and Europe it was the first time, that they could get a comprehensive picture of True Parents’ VOC work with CARP in Western Europe. Many were moved to tears hearing about all those challenges. It was not enough to just proclaim a vision; one must work hard, endure persecution and overcome many obstacles. But with faith and trust in Heavenly Parents and the good spiritual world as well as with the united heart of brothers and sisters, finally the goal will be achieved.

In the afternoon, some people took a boat tour to explore re-united Berlin, whereas others visited the Rally place of 1987 at the Peter-Fechter Memorial near Checkpoint Charlie, prayed and offered a big Mansei.

Later, in the afternoon Yeon-Ah Nim deeply shared about True Mothers heart. Mother really wants to educate her children (that is us), so that we can come to understand the heart of Heavenly Parents, and more than that: inherit His heart. When True Mother accepted that responsibility for herself, by proclaiming the only begotten daughter, her desire was that we can do same.

Yeon-Ah Nim also shared very personally about some unknown sides of Hyo Jin Nim, who was desperate, when trying to accomplish his goals, always with the heart to unite with his father. He often emphasized that, if those others are better than us in their specific professional field, we should transfer leadership responsibilities to them.

Gifts were exchanged. When European CARP presented a gift to Yeon-Ah Nim’s sons, they were inspired, to spontaneously offer two songs in return.

Then, unexpectedly, Shin Chul (the older son) got up, took the microphone, and in the spirit of his father he pleaded to all: “Brothers and sisters of today, lets put our dreams into action, as the brothers and sisters of the last century have done.”

The evening belonged to the Blue Tuna Band and young talented musicians from Germany, Albania and STF, who brought the participants on their feet.

One cannot describe the bright atmosphere – you should have felt it. The evening was moderated by enthusiastic 2nd Gen’s Joni Makkonen and Ye Ok Presser, and was concluded by four cheers of Ok Mansei by the Regional President for the Middle East Umberto Angelucci. Mathias Monzebe, representative of the Berlin FFWPU, gave final explanations about the Peace Road program on Sunday morning.

Both the cyclers and the marchers met at the Brandenburg gate, warmly received by the Blue Tuna Band. Several speeches on topics like “Korean re-unification”, “Peace in Syria”, “Peace starts with me and in my family” were given in German and English language. Many tourist came to listen the messages, and to enjoy the music.

Afterwards 60 cyclists, and ca 250 marchers moved through the historical areas of Berlin, showing the meetings’ message on a huge Banner: “Peace starts with me, and not with violence”.

Two hours later both groups met again at the Berlin Wall Memorial at Bernauer Strasse. In this place, original parts of the Berlin wall are preserved, so that people could get a feeling of the horrors of the wall, which had physically divided the country from 1961 to 1989. Also, the 139 victims, which have been shot when trying to escape over the Wall, are shown by name.

Here we concluded our memorable meeting with four cheers of Ok Mansei, before the participants departed back to their homes.

Speakers at the Brandenburg Gate: Dieter Schmidt (Germany), Gaby Zöhrer (Austria), Jamal Karsli (Germany), Jacques Marion (France), Heiner Handschin (Switzerland), Matthew Huish (UK), Jenny Lambert (France) and Juraj Lajda (Czech Republic)


Welcome Address by German CARP President Hyoman Noguchi


This was the remarkable welcoming speech bei the German CARP leader Hyo-Man Naguchi at the recent Berlin Rally:

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests and friends from all over Europe and the world, On behalf of the German CARP I would like to welcome you all to this celebration of the 30th anniversary of the 4th Carp Convention for World Students. I would like to start off by asking all former CARP members and all those who attended this convention 30 years ago to please stand up. Let us give them a round of applause.

As a Family-Federation youth and CARP member I have heard my fair share of testimonies about the “old days” when the few took it upon themselves to fight communism, which was threatening to destroy the western world and put humanity at risk. As I reflect upon those testimonies I often wonder: could I have done the same? The young people attending this anniversary today are around the same age as most of you were and many of them are CARP members as also many of you were 30 years ago. And I ask myself: Could we, as we stand here today, have done the same?

Could we have been beaten and have our flyers and posters destroyed and yet have gotten up the next morning to continue our mission? Could we have been shouted down and verbally abused for what we believed in and yet have gone on to publicly speak the truth? Could we have carried the word of God into a Country, where an all- powerful regime had a target on our backs and could make us disappear from the face of the earth in the blink of an eye? Could we have watched the bus that we just sat in moments ago go up in flames and yet have carried on? Could we have organized and successfully held an international Convention against all odds and despite having our venue canceled without justification?

And above all, could we have believed that we would be victorious? Could we have believed, truly believed in the end of communism and the fall of the Soviet Union? Could we have stood in front of the Berlin wall, a concrete monstrosity that brought death and misery to those who wanted nothing other than to be free and that divided a people for almost 30 years and still have maintained hope? Hope, that the wall would soon be gone, that people would be able to cross this no-man’s- land without fear and that this country would be whole again.

Could we have had hope, when hope was closer to madness than anything else? I don’t know if we could. I don’t know if we could have done any of it.

Yet what I do know is that you did and you did all of it. And even though it is not taught in history classes and even though your names are not engraved in a memorial, let it be known here today that it was you who fought with a heart filled with true love and hope when no one else would and that you have thereby become true champions of peace. As a German citizen I would like to thank you for your tireless efforts toward the reunification of my homeland and as a CARP member I would like to thank you for being role models to my generation and many generations to come. I would also like to thank our true parents for being the origin of this incredible vision of peace.

So as we gather here let us once more show the world, that peace is not brought about with bombs or tanks or by silencing those who think differently or by enslaving, impoverishing and slaughtering hundreds of millions of people in the name of equality or by rioting in the streets, setting cars on fire and looting shops. Let us again proclaim, that peace can only come, when we reestablish God in our midst and that peace starts with us just as it did with you 30 years ago.

I would like to again welcome you and thank you for being here. God bless you all.

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