Romania: 15-Day Divine Principle Summer Workshop


Prepared by FFWPU Romania

Our second and probably most important activity of this summer has been the 15 Day Divine Principle Workshop that gathered in brotherhood world members, 1st and 2nd generation alike, from Romania, South Korea, Japan, England and Bulgaria. There have been 3 SES members as team leaders, 4 STF members, 4 Romanian 2 Gen, 7 Korean BCs and 8 CARP members attending the program and this uniquely diverse mix of people and backgrounds has provided the opportunity for us to experience different levels of heart, conscience and knowledge.

The main purpose of this summer workshop is to bring people together under God’s love and truth, with the hope that our Romanian brothers and sisters can change their perspective about life, habits, concepts and understanding of love and family, reshaping the way they perceive themselves and offering a fresh standard for their daily life. It is both a rebirth and renewal and the movement here in Romania, as small as it is, has hope for the future, trying to support God’s providence and the 2020 Vision as best as we can, completely with our heart for God, True Parents and Jesus!

God’s Shimjung has always been a heart that strives for His children endlessly, tirelessly, hopefully. There is no boundary that God’s love has not broken through, there is no limitation or condition to His love and this is the attitude and standard that we must embed as well. As human beings, we also want to live as beings of Shimjung but to inherit this from our Heavenly Parent we must practice living for the sake of others centered on God and in this way our love can become true.

One of the biggest blessings has been the beautiful natural setting of the Romanian mountain side and house that has been our home for two weeks, conditions made possible by our SES members’ MMBK efforts in Korea this year, not just materially but surely also spiritually through their JeongSeong.

During the workshop, through the main activities of HoonDokHae, Divine Principle lectures, discussions, evening sharing and team action tasks, the participants could experience directly, on their own skin, the blessings that come from opening our hearts, sharing sincerely, speaking our mind and letting go of the past. Surely this was not easy and the path is sometimes thorny but as we support each other, the process becomes truly meaningful.

The content of the workshop followed 3 steps: formation, growth and completion. In the formation period, we talked about the main content of the Divine Principle. Our national leader, Mr. Jeong Bong Moon, presented about the 1st part of the Principle, emphasizing on the human search for value, meaning and self – The Principle of Creation – and on the Human Fall, regarding the human portion of responsibility. Afterwards 3 other core members presented about the Process and Principle of Restoration and the Second coming of the Messiah. The Growth stage regarded True Parents’ life course which was presented by Mr. Jeong and included 2 movies about their experience. The completion stage included more practical lectures about life of faith, motivation, tradition in the Unification Church, our 1-year SES leadership program and the vision for the Romanian providence, all of which desired to show the participants the substance of our dream and to encourage them to create their own life resolution and action plan. As much as possible, staff members and team leaders tried to support the new participants in their quest for personal answers.

What we could discover was that, as older brothers and sisters, we cannot impose our own answers or perspectives, we can only guide, pray and love and do our best to create the warm environment in which the new comers can meet God and True Parents. Heartistically and spiritually all the participants were very serious and dedicated and surely also the actions tasks helped build this inner state (the Songhwa Ceremony, letter to God and myself, time capsule, the Mountaineering challenge, the day of Unity and Harmony).

They have created such beautiful moment through their bright ideas and team work that showed that obstacles can be overcome and at some point, through our joint effort, we CAN create True Parents ideal of being one family under God.

For them and us, this workshop has been a journey to the roots, to the original self and mind, a building heart experience that can only be accomplished when we are together. A hint for this conclusion was that our SES members, now close to the end of their one-year experience, had proven to be leaders with parental hearts, elder brother and sister for the youngsters and people that truly offer the best of themselves for the others happiness.

We are proud of them, as they show and practice so much maturity at such young ages. Thank you so much Cinay, Alex and Gabriela. Also as a family we have celebrated 3 birthdays, two of them for a father and his daughter, our elder brother Andrei and his beautiful Wonmi.

Even if we come from such different backgrounds and cultural mentalities we were happy to create beautiful teams with our Japanese and Korean brothers and sisters and their final reflections really inspired us to continue and strive forward with our mission here in Romania:

Jangyoung Kim (21): “I have received substantial inspiration through the lectures more than from previous theoretical ones. I was inspired by the lecture about the relationship between Cain and Abel. The relationship between Cain and Abel began from the relationship between body and mind. That is an absolute truth in our lives. The HoonDokHae was amazing each morning. The discussions centered on questions were very good in order to understand things from different perspectives. It gave me a lot of awakening. When I return to my life in Korea, I will keep on doing HDH and I hope to find the right way of practice it.”

JungHo Oh (21): I had reflected about the past during the 15 day DP Workshop in Romania. It was my chance to think once more about life deeply centered on DP. DP study was not for the first time, but I felt like it was my first study. There were 3 kinds of awakening: first, I seriously felt that God was so sorrowed due to the human fall; second, my portion of responsibility is to resemble God`s Heart (Shimjung). To resemble God`s Heart is to know first God and practice His Word. I cannot exist for myself, first it’s for others, that is a life of true love. Third, I deeply reflected about my past life and could recognize my mistakes feeling now a strong sense of guilt. From now I would like to study hard the Word and so become an extraordinary leader who can guide more people to attend God and True Parents.”

MinYeong Yang (21): “I could think more about God`s Heart which I cannot do usually. The HoonDokHae Word was so good to reflect about myself on how to live with the right attitude. I could feel my parents` heart the more I listened to the DP lectures about their faith life. The video, Life of True Father and Mother was so moved my heart to spread the new of Messiah.”

HaYoung Jeong(19): ”The DP WS helped me find the most valuable thing which one easily forgets about: How to love myself? How do I love(treat) the others? How can I live well? I could find my answer in time. In this WS, both parties were involved in the DP lecture by pair after the main Lecture. It was another level of experience for a better understanding. The lecture about life of faith was so good for getting the substantial answer to live and to apply the DP to life. The intellectual understanding of DP has quite limited my life of faith, but now I could find more clear answers through practical guidance about the method of faith. Thank you so much for 15-day DP WS.”

Stefania T.: “What I feel like this 15 Days Workshop has managed to do for me is really open my eyes to the world around me, it has made me reflect on myself and my actions, it had made me realize how limited I actually am and how small my faith is. But at the same time, I am more determined than ever to change my way of thinking, my heart and my actions. I really want to change my attitude towards myself, towards my parents and sister and finally towards the people around me.  I can say I could understand a little bit about God’s Shimjung, the value of life and marriage and about True Parents.  I don’t know about others, but for me some topics really touched my heart and made my think about my future. I would really like to have a happy family in the future, so to have this I want to do what’s best for me to grow and be able to create this dream for myself. I will pray to God to show me the right way and to guide me to make the right choice for the greater good.”

Luciana D.: “It was amazing that I realized that everything is centered on God and there’s nothing without Him! My vision of life is to understand people and to live to make people happy, also to have a beautiful family centered on God. I MUST start to love people more and to be the person who gives love first. Family is very important and we should be pure to make pure children. In this workshop, I realized that I should be centered on God and to pray because God is absolute love. What I understand from Second Advent is that they were good people, AMAZING persons and I have a lot to learn about them. Now I don’t believe He is Messiah, but I give it a chance and I will learn more about them, because everything that they did looks correct; it’s hard for me because it was many concepts that I’ve never heard of. But thank you very much because you have made me closer to God!”

Constantin C.: “During this workshop, I think that I felt more that I understood. The sense of live I rediscovered by feeling this right road for life, but I still have so many doors to unlock. I understood that I have responsibility more than freedom and that I have to choose the good way for the others. Now I see that I have to work more to understand what is True Love. I felt the harmony, the unity, the feeling of this True Love. I understood that family is very important for a good life by this giving and taking action. The physical purity is very important and I understand more this by feeling responsible. Also, I could reflect on the idea that the Second Advent is coming and we have to prepare for this by purity and sacrifice.”

Roxana F.: “I really understand more God, His heart and His love for us, because I know that He exists and I feel He is with us in every moment of our lives. Before I didn’t know so many things about God and I’m happy I could participate to this workshop. I rediscovered the value of life centered on God, for me this is sincerity based on ShimJung. Through this I could learn that you need to live for the sake of others for being closer to God. And you need to keep going and to not stop to do things that helps you to feel God’s heart. I really appreciate Mr. Jeong effort making and explaining all that things. The last lectures were passing very fast because were more practical and I was happier to find how can I apply the principles in my life.”

Sofia F.: “It really helped me, this workshop, to find myself, to realize what is really important in life and what should be my main objective. I discovered what my heart really wants for the future and that is because of God, because I will try my best to center my life on God, because I realized how good and important it is. So, to do that, I am going do some things in the future fully for God. I am glad to take this decision, to live centered on Him, I am really thankful to everybody here for that. I understand what my responsibility as the daughter of God is and I will do my best to fulfill his will as good as I can.  True Love is a concept I already knew from CARP even though not so deeply, I feel it is so important for us to grow our hearts, to practice True Love and perfect our ShimJung and we can only do that by living for others. True family was something I never really thought about I wanted a family but I wasn’t so sure of it because I never knew how a good family should be and if it can exist truly. Now I understand how important it is to build a true family centered on God, it’s the only way we can regain our position and not only that but I feel that if God is at the center, it’s the only way for a family to work properly and be truly happy and the DP I really help you to understand so exactly this.”

Cinay C.(TL): “My purpose for this year of SES was to grow more mature, to become a better version of myself and to go on the way to fulfill the first blessing. And my purpose for this summer activities was to support and guide the people around me. After SES, I want to continue this tradition and support the Romania movement. I want to continue my heart growing, to continue with HDH in the morning, to set a goal, to make diary, to prepare for my future family even if I think about this somewhere far away in the future. Now I know he is the one, the only one who can support me the most and to whom I can share my heart the most.”

Antoan (Bulgaria): “God has been always there helping us and guiding us. But the relationship with God starts from the moment you accept God. God is absolute, perfect being but he always comes down to us, so many times we view him as we want. When we first meet God and learn principle, we only can worship Him. Amazing Glorious Joyful God. When we’re young is easy to think that our family is perfect because parents only show the good side. When the kids are young, they can’t have responsibility. But as we grow up we start to see that it isn’t perfect. Now is time to take responsibility. I feel sorry for God, but God doesn’t need somebody to pity Him. We have to be strong and become the person who acts upon, who can live for others and who can truly love others.”

Gabriela C.(TL): “This workshop was an important lesson to me about what is truly means to have a mother’s heart. I could learn so much from JuHee. Also, I discovered my limitations and that I need to work again more serious o how I express my love and affection for others. It was very inspiring to learn again about True Father and True Mother’s life course and how they absolutely followed God’s will for humanity. Also, I am grateful that I could spend more time with CARP members. I got to know them better and see them change little by little in these 15 days. I am very happy about them and they bring so much joy.”

Arim J.: Something that I really liked was HDH and SJ diary, because I could tell my opinion in front of others. The lecture about HDH was my favorite one. After listening to it I made some serious decision for my life and I really hope I’ll fulfill them. In this workshop, I could more think about my life and all the mistakes I have done. In this period, I tried the most to make the others happy and to smile a lot. After doing this for a few days, it became a habit and I felt joy in every moment. Something surprising is that I want to attend the next year workshop because I realized many things that helped me change myself. I hope that all the decisions I made in this workshop I will fulfill them.  I really had an amazing time in this workshop.”

Ari J.: “I realized what is my situation, I just have to accept people the way they are and I have to love them. Abel and Cain, both have to work. It doesn’t have to begin always from Able, also Cain can be the one that changes, loves first. I’ve also realized that I can’t change people. They should change by themselves same as I must do as well. I know I am lacking from very many points but, I feel I am making progress.”

Arin J.: A Life centered on God is necessary because in this way we can discover our identity, which is not inside the inner or outer struggles. In fact, the life centered on God is the answer for freedom and happiness, even though this path is very hard. Family is important because the biggest restorations are achieved in the family level. And we will never be apart, at least we must. I could say that my new life with God is gradually substantializing by discovering new concept and ideas that I couldn’t see it before, such as the importance of the prayer. I think that prayer can really help me to become a better daughter of God and to become a better person.”

We are happy that the Divine Principle lectures encouraged and supported the participants’ reflection and thinking about the meaning of history, life and divinity. And we could recognize in them a sincere search for answers and truth that can only stimulate their search for God and spiritual growth.

Cristina S.: I discovered many new things about God. First, I brought Him closer, more in daily life and tangible. CARP brought God from Heaven to Earth and it showed me that He is, oh well, not perfect, I mean we are not, He is, but He cannot work on Earth, without our cooperation. Also, I learned about His heart, that of a parent and what type of attitude should I have in front of others, to have a relationship on horizontal or vertical plane. It was difficult and still it is to digest the whole situation of Jesus, I mean He will not come again? Because I had an ideal image about Him, of absolute kindness, that Rev Moon is not showing and if Jesus is not coming I am a little bit disappointed, that’s why the relationship with Rev. Moon is kind of difficult, because I cannot see in him the elements of inner love that correspond to my type.”

Josh M.(UK): “I’m grateful for this time here in the beautiful Romania countryside to reflect and pray about my future which I believe is the best way I could have ended my two-year course of STF. I really wish to apply these precious principles in my life back home and I was impressed on how they were presented and explained. This workshop has been the most intense workshop I’ve ever attended; with a fully packed schedule meant we were always doing something. Eventually I set an internal goal for myself to quickly grow and work on myself in this time.”


Alex V.(TL): “15-days workshop it is an amazing place where you can meet God! This workshop was like a turning point for my life, you can really understand the Divine Principle because the method is very easy and practical. Being a team leader, it was quite beautiful and pretty easy. Why I say those things is because as a team leader you don’t do so many things if you work with the team. Of course, you have more responsibilities that can challenge you, but if you really are open with your team members and try to support each other, everything becomes easier. For me this is what it means to be a team leader, to work together not just giving orders and when there is a challenge invest much more than the others to be easier for members and always be on the front line. Thank you!”

Surely, without the teamwork, Day of mountaineering, Day of Unity and Harmony and different other surprises”, the team wouldn’t have bonded as much as they did and the Principles that we have learn couldn’t have been put to the test. So, we feel very blessed for having gone through such amazing 2 weeks.

At the end of the workshop we had a Graduation ceremony and we said our goodbyes with the promise that we shall not forget what we have learnt but make a new determination for a different self, different future and society. We hope that we can always be connected and support each other in this incredible journey of life.

True Parents’ words will always guide our way: “What we call faith is to pursue the personality of a true person. Furthermore, attaining such a personality is to lead a life of faith. The most important thing for a believer is a clear goal. “Whatever the circumstances I will walk this way” is such a clear goal. When this goal becomes vague, our life as a believer crumbles and no matter how firmly we are determined we will have no connection whatsoever with the purpose. What does it help to determine oneself hundreds of times without a purpose? The way to come even a step closer to the goal is to set a goal clearly and then determine oneself one hundred times. It is of no use, no matter how determined we are, if the goal is not clear. The starting point of belief is not in the external world but within the conscience. Experiencing a life of faith means that when God is happy, I am happy too. When God is sorrowful, I am sorrowful too. We should be that kind of people, with that kind of attitude, resolving God’s sorrow and sharing our joy with the world. If we are that kind of people, this world will be restored through us.”

 And our amazing, most incredible teams:

  • SHIMJUNG full of bright spirit!
  • ChamSarang! Charming and smart!
  • Fabulous ChamSengMyeong! And the cutest smiles

Thank you so much our precious Heavenly Parents and True Parents for your Truth and Love! AJU!

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