Zimbabwe: Peace Blessing Festival


Prepared by FFWPU Zimbabwe

On June 29th-30th 2017, we held a Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop and Blessing for 1200 couples from Pentecostal Christian Church. Couples started to arrive from June 28th and 29th of June, because they were coming from various provinces.

Archbishop Johannes Ndanga Founder of Pentecostal Christian Church International and Executive President of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe prefers to call this event “Christian Peace Blessing Festival” instead of “Interfaith Peace Blessing” as he brought many Christians to the blessing.

In fact this event took place at Archbishop Ndanga’s 40 Hectares land, which was dedicated for peace activities as well as building a big church. This place is located in the rural area of Donene outside the city of Kadoma. We had a tour of the area with the archbishop. And he said he wants this place to become a blessing center.

many couples who came for the blessing were camping on the site with small tents which they have installed  everywhere to wait for blessing day. A big tent was erected on the site with many chairs to take at least 200 couples.

Education program started in the afternoon when a considerable number of couples had assembled. Archbishop Johannes Ndanga addressed his congregation and started to prepare the spiritual environment. He talked about Genesis 1:27-28. He emphasized to the couples that they were created in the image of God male and female. He also emphasized that for every man, God created a woman a counterpart and that misusing love is violating Heavenly law. He asked the couples to look at each other and repeat to each other “God only made you for me and no other.” This was repeated several times during the session.

He went on explaining about the three blessings and emphasized the importance of the blessing they had gathered for and said that if they were not blessed nothing is going to work out in their lives. He told them after the blessing God will give them dominion over all things only in this sequence of being blessed and then everything will be given unto them.

He also read Isaiah 30:1 and clearly explained to the couples that we are not from God, they need the blessing. In this bible verse he clearly explained that they are rebellious children and that they are not of Gods lineage and that they need to change their lineage from Satan to God’s. He was speaking in vernacular language and someone was translating in English. He told them clearly that if they are not blessed they cannot be included in God’s plan.

Rev. Bosako Iyolangomo National Leader of Zimbabwe and Secretary General of UPF spoke about True Parents and their vision for world peace through creating ideal families and creating one global family under God. He also emphasized that UPF encourages religious dialogues and cooperation with other organizations, government, NGO’s, individuals and civil society. He emphasized that the family is the cornerstone for world peace. He talked about True Father’s motto of living for the sake of others, loving God, loving people and loving one’s own country.

Lastly he said Father Moon didn’t come to create a new church but to rebuild the family beyond nationality, religion and race to create one family under God through the marriage blessing.

Rev. Wone the Director of Family Department in East Africa Region, spoke about family issues. He spoke briefly about the purpose of creation emphasizing on how to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion. He went on explaining the 5 steps before receiving the blessing.

Around 9 pm we asked everyone to rest and prepare for the next day program. But later we found out that all the couples did not want to sleep, as they wish to learn more. Some representatives came to our staff and asking to continue the education program. We didn’t believe so we went to the tent and saw all of them gathered there, waiting while singing. They wanted to go through the education program and prepare for the 5 steps before the Blessing. We also had a video presentation for them. This experience was so uplifting for our members. The lecture was so convincing for the couples and in this way they were ready for the blessing for the next day.

Blessing Ceremony

Couples were gathered and prepared themselves by singing holy songs creating a beautiful atmosphere. Archbishop Ndanga spoke briefly about the same message he gave the day before, for those who were not there. After that Rev. Wone spoke about the 5 steps to receive the blessing.

Soon after the M.C. Rev Joseph Tegwere announced that Christian Peace Blessing would commence in Mhondor Ngezi. After all the couples received Holy Wine, Rev. and Mrs. Bosako Iyolangomo as the officiators and Archbishop and Mrs. Ndanga as the co-officiators, led the blessing ceremony. After the benediction by the officiator, we also showed a video of True Parents’ blessing enediction. After that we had the holy water ceremony which was followed by affirmation of blessing vows by couples as they answered enthusiastically to the 4 questions. And finally the proclamation of the Christian Peace Blessing Festival of 193 couples was done by the officiator on behalf of the True Parents of  Heaven and Earth.

At the closing ceremony, our Regional President, Rev. Bakary Camara spoke about the value of the blessing and how the world has been destroyed by immorality in the family. He encouraged all the blessed couples to be serious about the blessing they had just received.

3Cheers of Eng Mansei were done to mark the end of everything. And the end all the blessed couples participated at the indemnity stick ceremony.


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4 Responses

  1. Callisto Mushati says:

    May our HP forgive Zimbabwe for the past Hyung Jin Nim visit and all church property which was lost. May our Loving True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind forgive Zimbabwe for all that took place that time. Zimbabwe is our great nation we stand and focuss to restore it back to our HP. Thank you very much FemilyFed Intl for your support and effort. I thank Rev Iyolangomo our NL for the great work.



    Callisto Mushati

  2. Gomes Nzaia says:

    completely amazing.
    Heavenly Parents and True Father bless all of you!!

  3. Paluku Mulekya says:

    Very good. One family under Heavenly Parents and TP Aju
    Days of evil are counted. Soon this world will become a Peaceful world.
    Let us spread the blessing

  4. Norma Battiss says:

    Congratulations Zimbabwe FFWPU!

    This is wonderful!

    Peace Love Healing and Blessings! Aju! Amen!

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