Zambia: Peace Road 2017


By Fabrice Djimadoum, UPF Zambia

The Universal Peace Federation Zambia (UPF) in collaboration with FFWPU, WFWP, CARP Zambia and Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) TRADERS TRUST was held a Peace Road March from Civic Centre to Freedom Statue with a distance about 2 km on 22nd July 2017 in Lusaka. More than 250 people have participated including the Deputy Permanent Secretary for Lusaka Province, Mr. Josephat Lombe as a guest of honour, representing the Minister of Lusaka Province, the Secretary General for East Africa Region, Rev. Moriba Kone, UPF Zambia Chairman, Gen. Malimba Masheke, UPF Zambia Secretary General, Rev. Rudolf Faerber, Peace Council Member Ambassador Godffrey Simasiku among Ambassadors for Peace, youths, traders at COMESA market members and members from different providential organizations. About 16 nationalities have attended to this Peace Road March 2017. The theme for this year Peace Road in Zambia was “Unity, Dignity and Peace-Zambia’s Pride”.

The event started with a flag off at the Civic Center by the Deputy Permanent Secretary representing the Government of Zambia.

After 2 km, marchers arrived in famous Freedom statue. The Freedom Statue, around the corner from the Lusaka National Museum, is dedicated to freedom fighters and those who lost their lives in the struggle for Zambia’s independence. It’s a popular place for Africa Freedom Day celebrations (25 May) and other important national events or celebrations.

At the arrival, the MC of the event, Mr. Ackson Mwale, Vice Director of Blessed Family Department announced the program. Afterwards the event started with a Zambian National Anthem followed by an opening prayer given by Pastor Eric Kashala Mutewa, Blessed Family Department Director. Afterwards, Mr. Mwale explained the significance of Peace Road as an important project to unite the world. Rev. Rudolf Faerber in his remarks, emphasized on the importance of the Highway which is to unified the world to become one human family under God.

The UPF chairman, Gen. Masheke urged participants to go beyond race, tribe, language barriers and embrace each other as brothers and sisters.

In his main speech, the Lusaka Deputy Permanent Secretary, Mr. Lombe encouraged UPF to keep it up and urged it their effort toward fostering Peace in Zambia. He further said the UPF effort have been recognized by the Government of Zambia through the contribution of Peace in Zambia. He finally said that, the event has got a significant meaning with the theme connecting the World through Peace.

Finally, Ambassador Simasiku in his remarks, urged participants to cherish, preach and preserve peace which is a rare commodity in the World today.

The event concluded in good atmosphere with a closing prayer by ambassador for Peace, Mrs. Evelyn Chimfwembe and refreshment was shared.

The event was throughout entertained by the Bras Band of United Church of Zambia and we were grateful for the support of traffic police to clear the road for marchers as well a Saint John Ambulance for emergency situations.

The Peace Road 2017 in Zambia was covered and broadcasted by several media houses.


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